Reader's Corner for January 2013

January 30, 2013

"The Dead Grandmother/Exam Syndrome and the Potential Downfall Of American Society."

Why do so many grandmothers die right when their grandkids have exams?

In 1978, Soviet geologists prospecting in Siberia discovered a family of six, lost in the taiga

This is a really good read.

January 24, 2013

The Realtek RTL8191SU is a highly integrated single-chip MIMO (Multiple In, Multiple Out) Wireless LAN (WLAN) USB 2.0 network interface controller complying with the IEEE 802.11n specification. It combines a MAC, 1T2R capable baseband and RF in a single chip, the RTL8191SU provides a complete soluti...

I want one of these.

[Alice], [Bob]: Your raspberry pis are useless when compared to this.

January 16, 2013

Programming Languages is a free online class taught by Dan Grossman of University of Washington

For whoever's interested in taking the programming languages course at LUMS over the spring.

January 12, 2013

The 12th Annual No Pants Subway Ride will take place on Sunday, January 13, 2013 in San Francisco. The whole point is for 600+ people to ride BART (and t

If you're going to do this, why do it in the cold of winter?

January 9, 2013

Real-World Crypto Workshop

The next 3 days will be fun.

January 8, 2013

I'm tossing out stuff, so it's all up for grabs in case anyone's interested.

Tide detergent: Works on tough stains. Can now also be traded for crack. A case study in American ingenuity, legal and otherwise.

This is an interesting read.

Note from the author: Today, January 8th 2013, marks the 20th anniversary of my house burning down, so I decided to write a comic about it. It was a terrible thing and I've found the best way to deal with terrible things is to tell funny stories about them later. My dad still had a copy of the front...

Serious stuff.

January 7, 2013

Power surges called the TV pickup are unique to Britain. The engineers at the National Grid control centre brace themselves each time Eastenders ends and 1.75 million kettles get switched on.Power surges called the TV pickup are unique to Britain. The engineers at the National Grid control centre br...

This is a really good watch.

"The demand is increasing by 3 gigawatts in less than 5 minutes, right at the end of a popular TV show. The operator who oversees the whole grid has a TV to be able to watch the show, to know exactly when it ends and be prepared. That is insane. The demand for the whole country is ~40 GW on average. That's an 8% increase in 5 min."

January 6, 2013

Since its introduction in 1846, anesthesia has allowed for medical miracles. Limbs can be removed, tumors examined, organs replaced—and a patient will feel and remember nothing. Or so we choose to believe. In reality, tens of thousands of patients each year in the United States alone wake up at some...

This is long, has some scare-mongering, but is nevertheless a really well written article and a good read.

Chris Tolkein on LOTR and the hobbit.

January 4, 2013

If you have a penchant for keeping tabs on the news from your smartphone, or latest movie releases for that matter, 2012 saw a slew of handy apps that could help you in your endeavors. Indeed, ...

On a midsummer weekend not too long ago, I was bored out of my mind at my parents', so I decided to code.

Apparently it was good enough to make this list.

January 3, 2013

Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports: English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, F...

1. Open Link
2. Click "listen" on the *english* part
3. ???
4. Profit!