Reader's Corner for June 2015

June 29, 2015

All prices change. So why did the price of a Coke stay the same for decades? The answer includes a 7.5-cent coin and a company president who wanted to get a couple of lawyers out of his office.

This reminds me of how cans were 1 riyal for like forever

Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world.

Squib is a Ruby DSL for prototyping card and board games. Write a little bit of Ruby, define your deck's stats, then compile your game into a series of images ready for print-and-play or even print-on-demand. Squib is very data-driven and built on the principle of Don't Repeat Yourself. Think of it…

June 28, 2015

This is a very good read on the role of a senior developer and how developers level up

Tech giants like eBay, Facebook and Google acknowledge that they have work to do to increase diversity, but the repetition of that sentiment shows how little has changed.

By design, the Internet core is stupid, and the edge is smart. This design decision has enabled the Internet's wildcat growth, since without complexity the core can grow at the speed of demand. On the downside, the decision to put all smartness at the edge means we're at the mercy of scale when it c…

June 27, 2015

Three months ago in an apartment on the outskirts of Osaka, Japan, Haruki Watanabe died alone. For weeks his body slowly decomposed, slouched in its own fluids and surrounded by fetid, fortnight-old food. He died of self-neglect, solitude, and a suspected heart problem. At 60, Watanabe, wasn’t old,…

"Recently, senior Japanese bureaucrats admitted to having lost track of more than 250,000 people older than age 100. In a case that made international headlines in 2010, Sogen Kato, thought to be Tokyo’s oldest man at 111 years of age, turned out to have been mummified in his own apartment for more than 30 years."

Recruiters for top firms often define merit in their own image.

"Culture Fit"

What do Punjab and the Po Valley have in common? More than you might imagine, which is why Sikhs have played a key role in Italian cheese-making.

Nature explores the impact of the first US court decision over how employers use genetic information.

Running Lisp in Production Posted by Vsevolod Dyomkin & Kevin McIntire on 2015-06-26 Filed under: lisp, infrastructure, debugging At Grammarly, the foundation of our business, our core grammar engine, is written in Common Lisp. It currently processes more than a thousand sentences per second, is hor…

Interesting read

June 26, 2015

Piety and high temperatures are killing the residents of Karachi, the world’s third-largest city.

"But it really wasn’t the lack of electricity or even the heat that killed these 1,000 people. What killed them was the forced piety enshrined in our law and Karachi’s contempt for the working poor. These people died because we long ago removed any shade that could shelter them from the June sun and then took away their drinking water. When they were about to die, we rushed them to hospitals in ambulances paid for by charities and gave them medicines paid for by charities. We gave them white sheets to recuperate in if they survived, and when they didn’t, those white sheets became their shrouds. Karachi’s hospitals are now awash with chilled bottles of Nestlé water donated by the kindhearted people of the city, but you still can’t get a drink of water on the streets."

Infidelity. Sexual fetishes. Drug abuse. Crushing debt. They’re the most intimate secrets of U.S. government workers. And now they’re in the hands of hackers.

That's how you get people to spy for you

The ‘Unix philosophy’ originated with Ken Thompson's early meditations on how to design a small but capable operating system with a clean service interface. It grew as the Unix culture learned things about how to get maximum leverage out of Thompson's design. It absorbed lessons from many sources al…

This, in case you were wondering, is a mosquito. This is a raindrop. And here’s a puzzle. Raindrops aren’t mosquito friendly. If you’re a mosquito darting about on a rainy day, those ...

This is a great read, pretty interesting.

How often have you looked at the cash in your wallet? Look closer: it’s riddled with hidden patterns designed to deter counterfeiters. Chris Baraniuk investigates.

It's interesting how far tech goes to stop counterfeiting.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I've come to rely quite heavily on data. I've counted typos on resumes, I've sifted through a corpus of e

Interesting take on things.

The tech industry has constructed a series of myths that obscure the realities of class power, exploitation and oppression.

I don't know why this hasn't been shared around more.

"But no matter who we are in the industry--cleaner, coder, designer or picker/packer--if we don't go to work, our bosses can't make a profit from our labor. In the end, to keep delivering things of value to people, we don't need them: They need us."

Total Annihilation has a special place in my heart since it was the very first RTS I played; it was with Command & Conquer and …

An amazing study of graphics tech

Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise

This is a great way to explain the climate change phenomenon (although it glosses over some things)

The map provides a level of detail previously unavailable. It is the first ever to collect data published by all of Europe’s municipalities.

Yay for data

TOKYO -- Hagoromo Stationery made chalk for 82 years. We closed down the company in March voluntarily. When we made the decision to close public last

A sad tale of price beating quality

I think that the way that employees are getting compensated at startups is starting to break. The old model of relatively low salary and "high" equity only works when there's a healthy public...

Well put

We recently completed a two-year redesign of Sigma, one of our spam-fighting systems. Check out how we integrated Haskell with our existing C++ code and the improvements we made to GHC.

Yay for more cool tech

In a landmark victory for gay rights, a divided Supreme Court ruled that state prohibitions on same-sex marriage violate the Constitution.

This is a huge verdict

The latest Tweets from Dinesh Chugtai (@DineshChugtai). Pakistani Denzel aka The Brown in Town and a better programmer than Gilfoyle. #SiliconValley (not affiliated with HBO or Hulkamania). Silicon Valley

Hasnain, Dinesh has twitter account but no FB Profile. Kiya yeh khulla tazaad nahi?

June 25, 2015

When Baghdad bought tens of millions of dollars’ worth of British-made A.D.E. 651s, advertised as a foolproof bomb detector, the Iraqi government thought it would be saving countless lives. But the devices were laughable—based on a toy—and in the end have led to many deaths. Iraq is not the only cou…

This is an old story but a great new article on it. Also the first time I see a reference to Pakistanis also using it

Some on-demand companies are rejecting the practice of using independent contractors, like Uber drivers, and are hiring people they can train and hold accountable.

June 24, 2015

Kirk Odom spent 31 years in prison and on parole after pseudoscientific analysis of a hair that has finally been discredited. Now the FBI admits it was wrong – in Odom’s case, and many thousands like it

"It wasn’t a quick or easy process. Between 1992 and 1997 Whitehurst wrote 237 letters to his superiors alerting them to problems within the FBI lab. Their response? “It isn’t a good idea being a whistleblower at the FBI,” Whitehurst said. “They will crush you. They will send you to be psychiatrically evaluated, as they did to me, just like in the old Soviet Union.”"

Cable customers get quick response after claims of unfair billing practices.

Hello and welcome. My name is Patrick, and I am a Microsoft MVP. I specialize in analysis & debugging, and on this blog, you'll see a lot of postmortem/live bug check (BSOD) debugging, malware analysis, and reverse engineering.

What the hell, samsung?

A popular video blogger hits out at cosmetics brand Lush after he loses control of a YouTube address he has been using since 2005.

That's just low, Google. Low.

For centuries, experts have predicted that machines would make workers obsolete. That moment may finally be arriving. Could that be a good thing?

"Decades from now, perhaps the 20th century will strike future historians as an aberration, with its religious devotion to overwork in a time of prosperity, its attenuations of family in service to job opportunity, its conflation of income with self-worth."

The fate of one of the biggest fossil-fuel producers may now depend on its investment in renewable energy.

There's been some debate about how many consumers are actually cutting ties with their pay TV providers and replacing them with over-the-top streaming media..

No, becoming a US citizen is not as simple as "just get married."

Detailing the intensely messed up US immigration system. Quite beautifully written.

June 23, 2015

Nuclide is a project designed to provide a unified developer experience for engineers whether they work on native iOS apps, on React and React Native code, or on Hack for our HHVM web server runtime.

Nuclide is awesome. They need to work on C++ support a bit more but it's great to use.

It’s been a windfall year for the industry, but you won’t be getting any better accommodations or more affordable fares. What gives?

"The problem is that the people running airlines in the U.S. have one part of their brain missing, the part that provides the service ethic. As well as fare-gouging they’re space gouging in the cabins. Even with the newest jets like the Dreamliner they are packing more seats into coach than the airplane designers (or nature) intended."

There is a trend in the software industry to sell "mostly functional" programming as the silver bullet for solving problems developers face with concurrency, parallelism (manycore), and, of course, Big Data. Contemporary imperative languages could continue the ongoing trend, embrace closures, and tr…

How Laziness Works by ~kqr 2015-06-21So yesterday I saw someone ask about how many times the variable m gets evaluated in the following Haskell snippet: maxOccurs :: [Int] -> (Int, Int) maxOccurs a = (m, n) where m = maximum a n = length (filter (==m) a) I knew just based on common sense that m only…

A photojournalist describes how she posed as a prostitute to follow the trade in human flesh.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield criticized The Wall Street Journal for an editorial published following the Charleston shootings.

On point

CRYENGINE 3.8.1 is now availableNew API: OpenGL Support Starting with 3.8.1, we are shipping a fully-featured OpenGL rendering implementation with CRYENGINE, which goes hand in hand with Linux support for your games (see below).New platform: Oculus Rift Support You asked about it, and we listened:…

This is pretty exciting

The more we countenance a redefinition of job training as education, the more we ask society to shoulder what were once business expenses.

Organization skills are more important than algorithmic wizardry, but harder to teach. So we teach algorithms instead. Managing complexity you learn on a job.

June 22, 2015

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"More than 100 experts across the country are working on this problem 24/7. We are pursuing a variety of solutions. "

It's been two weeks, how bad can the systems be?

June 21, 2015

‘Electrosensitive’ people are flocking to the West Virginian home of a deep-space telescope, attracted by the rules prohibiting phones, TVs and radios. But, as Ed Cumming reveals, their arrival means Green Bank is far from peaceful

Tinfoil hatters heaven.

"None of which gets round the core issue: if EHS is real, I asked [Alice], then why has it not shown up in formal experiments? “I encourage scientists to go to where we are and measure the environment,” she replied. “Don’t try to pretend that you’re God and expose us to different frequencies in a lab. That’s like taking someone and breaking their legs and asking how much it hurts.”"

I write this to explain why I’ll be holding back my album, 1989, from the new streaming service, Apple Music. I feel this deserves an explanation because Apple has been and will continue to be one of...

"We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation."

Learning to learning to learn

A 150-year-old conundrum about how to group people has been solved, but many puzzles remain.

Way back in the dark ages of Linux, I had a bunch of machines which didn't run X. They were strictly text mode, and sat there doing whatever I needed them to do: routing, DNS, dialups, mail, RADIUS auth, you name it. There were plenty of daemons working for me, and most of them had things to say via…

We’re rude at work, and it’s hurting profits, health and happiness.

It was heating up in the San Joaquin Valley this week. Joe Del Bosque, a farmer who had to make some hard decisions this year, was driving toward an asparagus field he's about to plow under. The windshield of his white Yukon was splattered with dead bugs. He didn't seem to notice.

The other side's view

June 20, 2015

The article here sums up pretty well the debacle that North American tournament Scrabble players have been faced with si…

Title is slightly misleading since he reverse engineered it, instead of breaking the encryption, but still a great read

A San Francisco biotech startup has managed to 3 D print fake rhino horns that carry the same genetic fingerprint as the actual horn. It plans to flood Chinese market with these cheap horns to curb poaching.

The first case I've heard of folks in the West creating something fake to be sold in China?

In the late 1970s, groups of soda marketers descended on the nation’s malls. They gave shoppers two unmarked cups, one filled with…

The death rate from coronary heart disease has dropped 38 percent in a decade. One reason is that hospitals rich and poor have streamlined emergency treatment.

Inspired to make a meaningful donation, I wondered: What is the best charitable cause in the world, and was it crazy to think that math and logic could help me find it?

Enlightening read on charity and effectiveness

WikiLeaks published over 60,000 secret documents from "The Saudi Cables" Friday.

These will be interesting

Donning his regular work attire—jeans and a Hawaiian shirt—Richard Saykally tells me in four words the answer to a question I…


What can we learn by data mining Steam for fun and profit.

June 19, 2015

The New York Times removed the ball from World Cup photos. See if you can find where it belongs in today's quiz.

This is a really cool interactive thing from the NYT

Molly Graham helped structure compensation at Facebook and now Quip. She's emerged with these rules for creating a fair, motivating system.

Interesting read, though I don't agree with all the points there.

Introducing Folly Futures, an implementation of futures for C++11 that we use at Facebook.

Futures are awesome and you should be using them. They've made my job much more pleasant.

The letter we got is kind of like using SteamVR—out of this world.


GitFlow considered harmful posted on 2015/05/03 GitFlow is probably the most popular Git branching model in use today. It seems to be everywhere. It certainly is everywhere for me personally - practically every project at my current job uses it, and often it's the clients themselves who have chosen…

Lots of people have accused me of overusing the word “breakthrough” on this blog. So I ask them: what word should I use when a paper comes out that solves not one, not two, but three of the open problems I’ve cared about most for literally half of my life, since I was 17 years old?

Neural nets be cray

As a programmer, you learn to blame your code first, second, and third... and somewhere around 10,000th you blame the compiler. Well down the list after that, you blame the hardware. This is my hardware bug story.Among other things, I wrote the memory card (load/save) code for Crash Bandicoot. For a…

Hardware bugs!

Benefits demonstrated in mice and yeast; three cycles of a similar diet given to humans.

Interesting data

This racist media narrative around mass violence falls apart with the Charleston church shooting.


June 18, 2015

It's one of the biggest fines ever levied by the FCC against a telecom provider.


This is exciting

ANEURYSM a morbid dilation of the wall of a blood vessel, usu. an artery.   Neurosurgery involves the surgical treatment of patients with diseases of the brain and spine. These are rare proble...

tl;dr I’m burying the lede with context and catch-up material first, so impatient or already-clued-in readers should skip to below the videos for today’s big news. Or just read Luke Wagner‘s blog post right now.

This is exciting

June 17, 2015

It would appear that the California Labor Commission has ruled that Uber drivers are employees. As it stands now, Uber employs its drivers as third-party..

This is huge

100-year-old professor has pushed the government to ban trans fats.

At GitHub, we’re building the text editor we’ve always wanted: hackable to the core, but approachable on the first day without ever touching a config file. We can’t wait to see what you build with it.

Last week during a casual conversation I overheard a colleague saying: "The Linux network stack is slow! You can't expect it to do more than 50 thousand packets per second per core!" That got me thinking. While I agree that...

June 16, 2015

IMHO, the intent of the H-1B program is valid and correct. The implementation and administration are horrible.

An evidence-based explanation for the "return trip effect."

Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world.


This spring, an 80-year-old Japanese chalk company went out of business. Nobody, perhaps, was as sad to see the company go as mathematicians who had become obsessed with Hagoromo Fulltouch Chalk, the so-called “Rolls Royce of chalk.”

There's about half as much violent crime in the US as there was 25 years ago. Why? Some theories (like mass incarceration) seemed pretty solid in the 1990s, but have been called into question as...

A great and interesting card stack

Apple introduced their News app at WWDC, and the other day they sent me an e-mail saying they want to include this blog in News.

The digital revolution has forever changed American journalism, and not for the better. Robert Kaiser, former managing editor of The Washington Post, writes in his new Brookings Essay that the changing media landscape is not only a threat to traditional news, but to the future of democracy.

the-art-of-command-line - Master the command line, in one page

Shell is important

Pretty informative

June 15, 2015

Food producers focus on factors such as yield, at the expense of flavor.

June 14, 2015

Fabrice Grinda, who is worth an estimated $100 million, ditched his 20-acre estate and $300,000 sports car in search of an elusive happiness.

This guy is crazy

June 13, 2015

Can a high IQ be a burden rather than a boon?

A Q&A with the company’s VP of Engineering.

FBAR rocks

Online shopping for Amazon Allowance from a great selection at Gift Cards Store.

This is really cool

Susie Cagle | Longreads | June 2015 | 21 minutes (5,160 words) The sun was going down in East Porterville, California, diffusing gold through a thick and creamy fog, as Donna Johnson pulled ...

This is really well written and a great read. And pretty depressing at the same time

Nearly 30 percent of workers in the U.S. need a license to perform their job. It is important to realize that occupational licenses are not mere state-sponsored certificates to signal that workers have completed some level of training; occupational licensing laws forbid people from practicing in the…

Farmers with long-time rights to California water will face cutbacks, the first reduction in their usage since 1977, state officials announced Friday.

Finally! Though they still need to go after huge agribusiness and not just smaller farmers

Interesting play

June 12, 2015

The findings from Papua New Guinea offer possible insights into Alzheimer's and dementia.

Biology is hard

Reassessing Airport Security News that the Transportation Security Administration missed a whopping 95% of guns and bombs in recent airport security "red team" tests was justifiably shocking. It's clear that we're not getting value for the $7 billion we're paying the TSA annually. But there's anothe…

As the 50th reunion of Harvard Business School's Class of 1963 approached, we asked the class members if they had any advice to pass along to younger generations. continue introduction Ever an opinionated bunch, the 1963 grads had plenty to say. But you might wonder: What could those on the initial…

Lots of sage advice. Bookmarking for future reading.

After the First World War, traumatized soldiers were often prescribed a course of reading.

A story of drinkers, genocide, and unborn girls

Interesting data

Habeas Corpus Spencer v. United States Eleventh Circuit Holds Misapplication of "Career Offender" Enhancement Not Cognizable Under 28 U.S.C. § 2255. Recent Case

A Chinese entrepreneur who took just just 19 days to build a 57-storey tower says he has triggered a construction revolution. And his dreams soar far, far higher.

Proof that a 40-year-old algorithm is the best possible will come as a relief to computer scientists.

The world belongs to people who code. Those who don’t understand will be left behind.

Insanely long, insanely detailed, reads like a story. It's awesome

Facebook Infer is a static program analyzer that Facebook uses to identify bugs before mobile code is shipped.

Static analysis is awesome

“Google: 90% of our engineers use the software you wrote (Homebrew), but you can’t invert a binary tree on a whiteboard so fuck off.”

"Google: 90% of our engineers use the software you wrote (Homebrew), but you can’t invert a binary tree on a whiteboard so f*** off."

Tech interviews are broken

Think making money on mobile advertising is hard now? Think how much more difficult it will be with a significant share of your audience is blocking all your ads — all with a simple download from the App Store.

Lots of exciting new things were announced at the latest Apple WWDC this week, but hidden amongst the big announcements was an extension of something that's been bothering me for a while. All progr...

Simplified but on point

Take a deep dive inside NGINX and learn why NGINX is perfectly suited for applications and servers that require high performance and scalability

nginx is awesome

A review of data shows that cognitive behavior therapy works better than sleep medications.

The beginnings of DMA Design's classic puzzle platformer Lemmings. Rich Stanton interviews the game's creator Mike Dailly.

An awesome game

A photographer parts the curtains on one of the world’s least-known places and brings back pictures of a country that is defined for many by mystery and war.

North Korea in pictures

Fake mobile towers that scoop up data from passing phones are routinely being used in London, an investigation by Sky News suggests.

Uh oh

Tue 09 June 2015 I quit the tech industry This Friday, June 12, will be my last day at Yelp. I don’t intend to look for another tech job. Or another job at all. Ever. I’m just thoroughly exhausted. I have so much I want to do, yet I’m selling half of my waking hours every weekday to someone else, fo…

Burnout is real

June 10, 2015

A new book by Kentaro Toyama, a computer scientist, criticizes the efforts by technology entrepreneurs to effect social change.

"There are various explanations for the technology world’s contempt for existing human structures. It’s a world full of trained engineers — and many college dropouts — who cannot be expected to grasp human dynamics any more than political scientists understand Java code. Many brilliant technology leaders have stories of bullying and isolation in their youths that would leave anyone with abiding skepticism of human groups, institutions, cultures. If family dinners and school lunches were painful for you, “disrupting” eating with a venture-capital-backed protein drink like Soylent can seem like liberation."

Well put

The June Intelligent Oven™ is a powerful and easy-to-use computer-based oven that makes everyone a better cook.

This is cool but too pricey

[M]ortgages were acknowledged to be the most mathematically complex securities in the marketplace. The complexity arose entirely out of the option the homeowner has to prepay his loan; it was poetic …


UniversalPauseButton - A pause button that pauses the unpausable. Handy for video game cut scenes especially.

This is awesome! Games always need to be pausable

[Editor Note: At the risk of spoiling the joke a bit, we want to make sure that everyone knows that the following is satire, and we’re actually quite fond of the companies we mention. Docker, CoreOS, Google, Vagrant/Hashicorp, Heroku, Aphyr, Amazon, Mongo, Redis—we love you really and mean you no ha…

This is why programmers hate life

June 9, 2015

In America, saying thank you is routine, sometimes meaningless. In India, it can be insulting.

TempleOS is somewhat of a legend in the operating system community. It's sole author, Terry A. Davis, has spent the past 12 years attempting to create a new operating from scratch. Terry explains t...

Always pretty impressive given it's mostly just one guy. I feel bad for him at times

A Vipassana is a silent prison that you enter of your own free will. You can't talk, read, use your phone, or masturbate, until you've finished ten days of meditating for ten hours each day.

The drawings are pretty NSFW but this is a great read

There are a few populations in the world where back pain hardly exists. One woman thinks she has figured out why, and she's sharing their secrets. Have Americans forgotten how to stand properly?

Sitting this much is just not natural

On the psychology of why rejection and loneliness may be necessary evils for the creative genius “In the deepest and most important things, we are unutterably alone, and for one person to be able t...

There's definitely a grain of truth to this

Paul Graham's classic essay Beating the Averages is well worth re-reading. It is the story of how, twenty years ago, Paul Graham and Robert Morris built an online store generator called Viaweb and out-manoeuvred their many competitors using their secret weapon, Lisp. But it is much more than a succe…

Let's all code in Flub instead of Blub

I have a 40 minute video on the recent media claims about the Batteriser, a device that claims up to 800% improvement in battery life with primary Alkaline batteries. Many people have asked for a much shorter explanation of the claims, so here we go, for those who can’t afford the 40 minutes:

I love it when people take apart stupid claims

"Robust and Efficient Elimination of Cache and Timing Side Channels"

Really exciting and promising paper

A quick note: I'm going to be traveling for much of the rest of June and I haven't got articles queued up, so the blog will go dark for a bit; see you in July! In the last two episodes I did reruns...

An interesting approach, but tech interviews are still broken

Seventeen flight staff are planning legal action over the alleged contamination of air on board British flights. But what is the evidence to suggest it is unsafe?

Well written.

If you're developing an app on multiple platforms, you'll often face duplicate work. C++ is the reigning king of the hill for portable, native library development, but there's a new challenger in Rust.

This is cool

Andrew Wiles gave a series of lectures cryptically titled “Modular Forms, Elliptic Curves, and Galois Representations” at a mathematics…

The documentary on this is great as well

While the cost of college education in the US has reached record highs, Germany has abandoned tuition fees altogether for both German and international students. An increasing number of US students are taking advantage.

"His mother [Alice] is okay with that as long as her son finds a good job and doesn't struggle. She does wonder why her own country was not able to give him a similar education at a price tag that this single mother could afford.

"I feel like my child is getting an absolute wonderful education over there for free. Betrayal is too strong of a word, but why can't we do that here?""

5 reasons the end of a failed experiment is in sight

June 8, 2015

At the age of 10, Bernard Hare's father took him down the mine where he worked.

William Binney spent more than 30 years at the National Security Agency designing programs that enabled mass surveillance of foreign terrorists.

I refused to waste my life to pay back a pointless and overbearing debt.

Years ago Indra Nooyi made an audacious strategy shift beyond unhealthy snacks and drinks. She was prescient—as well as disciplined and tough—but the challenges are still daunting.

For a growing child, deprivation and stress can become a kind of neurotoxin.

June 7, 2015

With a portfolio of smash-hit products and a reputation for innovation, Apple at first glance seems like an ideal place for a young entrepreneur to work before leaving to start the next big thing. But in reality, the world's most valuable company plays by a set of rules that few other firms can get…

Does science always need empirical evidence?

Unix is not an acceptable Unix 05 June 2015 The Unix command line is full of surprises. For instance: did you know that the OS X version of the ls tool, most frequently used to get a list of the files in the current working directory, recognizes no fewer than 38 different flags? I didn’t, so I tweet…

Why going freemium may not be the best idea for your app

The Oklahoma City School District will work to preserve the chalkboards which carry lessons on pilgrims.

Louis XIV loved a red heel. Napoleon, not so much.

The latest from the current Crypto War.

Really? Preventing encryption?

We asked our open source community to share the comics they found most profoundly described coding, via our news site. H…

These are all hilarious and frighteningly true

BBC reporter Mark Daly takes performance enhancing blood-doping drugs to find out if he can beat the tests which aim to keep athletics clean.

I wonder if the Olympics would be more exciting if they just legalized it

Anatomy of failed startups

A look at what the former House speaker Dennis Hastert is accused of, and why the government is so interested in what people do with their money.

They've given away $15 million and counting, and the results have been extraordinary.

This is amazing

About 250 Disney workers were laid off last year and many were replaced by immigrants hired by an outsourcing company based in India.

New technologies offer powerful tools for empowerment – yet democracy around the world is stagnating. What’s up?

A new report into U.S. consumers' attitude to the collection of personal data has highlighted the disconnect between commercial claims that web users are..

Read the comedian's essay for TIME on changing the world of online dating

Warning: Americans might get jealous reading this.

June 6, 2015

Recent research shows that single-digit millionaires, at least, are generally far more mindful about how they save, spend and invest their money.

In South Korea, e-sports stars are adored celebrities. Dave Lee gets up close to learn about the real impact of pro-gaming.

A boost for national economies, or a Trojan Horse for corporations?

The goal of the contest is to write code that is as readable, clear, innocent and straightforward as possible, and yet it must fail to perform at its apparent function. To be more specific, it should do something subtly evil. Every year, we will propose a challenge to coders to solve a simple data p…

June 5, 2015

As of August 30th 2015, users will no longer be able to create new Pipes. The Pipes team will keep the infrastructure running until end of September 30th 2015 in a read-only mode. You can download...

Oh no

RedditStorage - Store files onto reddit subreddits.

Exciting stuff

Japanese candy subscription sent to you twice a month directly from Japan.

zlib-ng - zlib for the "next generation" systems. Drop-In replacement with some serious optimizations.

Time to keep an eye on this

An investigation by NPR and ProPublica finds a string of poorly managed projects, questionable spending and dubious claims of success, according to a review of the charity's internal documents.

June 4, 2015

The team from China’s leading search engine was disqualified when it was discovered it had broken rules in a way that could give it an advantage in the competition.

"We are already at a place where we have the technology to display gorgeous images with more colors and at a higher resolution than the eye can distinguish, even on devices people carry around in their pockets. Instead of blindly maintaining the arms race momentum, maybe it makes sense to think about what we can accomplish with mature tech instead, and free ourselves from the tyranny of “We have to use 100% of the hardware we’re running on”. "

Disclaimers: 1) This is a very long read. Thinking about a company and using its product obsessively for nine years straight will do that to you. 2) My funds and I own a lot of Twitter stock. 3) I ...

Dear Alice, I am very curious about those small trays that are used in Japan when settling daily cash transactions. Instead of handing your payment to the

June 3, 2015

Steam is finally getting a proper refund system. Starting today, users of Valve’s PC platform will be able to get a full refund on any game for any reason, provided it’s been less than 14 days since purchase and they’ve spent less than two hours playing.

This is really cool

The price tag for treating every U.S. patient with the newest melanoma treatment: $174 billion per year


And is using crowdfunding to pay the bounty.

The Labor Condition Application (LCA) is an application filed by prospective employers on behalf of workers applying for work authorization for the non-immigrant statuses H-1B, H-1B1 (a variant of H-1B for people from Singapore and Chile) and E-3 (a variant of H-1B for workers from Australia). The a…

Green card data!

A new real-time analytics platform at Twitter scale.

Leader is an awesome idea. It allows for executing actions by key sequences instead of key combinations. Because I'm using it, I rarely need to press Ctrl-something combo to make things work.

Artur Bergman, founder of a CDN exclusively powered by super fast SSDs, has made many compelling cases over the years to use them. He was definitely ahead of the curve here, but he's right. Nowaday...

If you have just/as of late gotten an email about your keys being revoked, this is because of me, and if you have, you should really go through and make sure that no one has done anything terrible to you, since you have opened yourself to people doing very mean things to you for what is most likely…

The planes, which are equipped with video and cellphone technology at times, are being managed behind fake companies to mask government involvement

Researchers discover the brain and immune system are directly linked through vessels previously thought not to exist.

"I’m speaking to you from Silicon Valley, where some of the most prominent and successful companies have built their businesses by lulling their customers..

June 2, 2015

As Microsoft has shifted towards a more customer-oriented culture.  Microsoft engineers are using social networks, tech communities and direct customer feedback as an integral part on how we make decisions about future investments. A popular request the PowerShell team has received is to use Secure…

This is awesome

Sepp Blatter is to resign as president of football's governing body Fifa amid a corruption scandal after 17 years in charge.

And he finally quits

Ideally, it's so good that it barely needs to be in the first place.

Transportation Security Administration screeners failed to detect weapons and other prohibited items 95 percent of the time in a covert test.

Security theater indeed

June 1, 2015

Did I put my family’s health in jeopardy by moving to New Delhi?

WebRTC HTTP/2 is here, let’s optimize! or, why (some) yesterday's best-practices are today's HTTP/2 anti-patterns. +Ilya Grigorik @igrigorik RFC 7540

New research confirms what they say about nice guys.