Reader's Corner for August 2015

August 31, 2015

Work, which gives their spouses a sense of purpose and accomplishment, as well as colleagues and a social network, is not available to the women.

"Almost half a century after American women rejected narrow gender roles that prescribed lives of housekeeping and child care, these immigrant women are being consigned to the same limited roles."

August 30, 2015

Thicker ink meant it didn't smudge as easily as its predecessor, the fountain pen—but it also made writing by hand more physically demanding.

August 29, 2015

Passive income. The 4 hour work week. The dream, as my cousin referred to it recently. As a millennial there are few things that rank as desirable as finding a recurring source of income that doesn’t take much work (or a boss). In April of this year I decided to give “the dream” a shot and set out t…

Productive. Reliable. Fast. A productive web framework that does not compromise speed and maintainability

This is exciting

August 28, 2015

Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors).

This rings true

A win for D, a loss for Facebook

Henson et al, arXiv:1508.05949Spookiness, it seems, is here to stay. Quantum theory has been put to its most stringent “loophole free” test yet, and it has come out victorious, ruling out more common sense views of reality (well, mostly). Many thanks to Matt Leifer for bringing this experiment - via…

Getting caught in a speed trap in a small Louisiana town.

"Larvadain, who is now 74, worries that young lawyers are less concerned with right and wrong than with chasing dollars. Although Patricia Parker’s lawsuit against Woodworth offered small hope of a big payday, Larvadain agreed to represent her. “Because I saw wrong had taken place. And I knew someone had to take a stand.”"

The Amazon shopping app for Android where over $10,000 in apps, games, and even in-app items are actually free

I wonder how this will play out, since they're injecting ads into the apps

M.U.L.E. board game coming November 2015 – Interview with creator Heikki Harju Posted on 2015/08/23 by Goethe In its August 17th press release, Ozark Softscape let a big, almost Wampus-sized cat out of the bag. A board game adaptation of the classic game will hit the stores this November 2015. The b…

This will be a fun game to get

An awkward encounter with a cyclist highlights the technology’s tough road ahead.

From HN comments:

"In the not so far future this will be a concept impossible to explain to kids. That we all used to drive around these multi-thousand pound machines and rely on the expertise of often distracted strangers to not be maimed or killed (and dying by the millions by the way)... It already is starting to sound ridiculous. The thought of no machine in control will be terrifying before long."

"One of my favorite jokes is a grandparent talking to their grandchild, saying, "Did you know, when I was a kid, we used to drive cars ourselves?"
"No way, grandpa! And nobody ever got hurt?"
"Oh no! Every year millions died!""

Lock-freedom without garbage collection 27 Aug 2015TL;DR It’s widespread folklore that one advantage of garbage collection is the ease of building high-performance lock-free data structures. Manual memory management for these data structures is not easy, and a GC makes it trivial. This post shows th…

Awesome stuff

August 27, 2015

For more than 500 years, the honorary degree has provided an opportunity for colleges to build relationships with the rich, famous, and well-connected, in hopes of securing financial donations and cheap publicity.

It looks like Angry Birds maker Rovio is having some troubles to pay the bills. The Finnish company is about to cut 260 jobs after reducing its workforce by..

Every company has its reply-all email meltdown. Wednesday was Thomson Reuters' turn.

Should we just teach reply all etiquette in Kindergarten?

August 26, 2015

ArnoldC - Arnold Schwarzenegger based programming language

Facebook's new virtual assistant, M, is driven mostly by humans. But it may still be a step forward for AI.

This is exciting

These inspiring stories of LUMS alumni will make you want to achieve more in life

hahah OMG did you guys see this? Hasnain [Alice]

Silicon Valley's most successful incubator now has an operations chief who hails from Google.

"Younis, 33, was born on a rural farm in Pakistan. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1988, where his parents found work as blue collar workers in the auto industry in Detroit. Immersed in a region dominated by Ford, Chrysler and General Motors, Younis didn’t dream of developing the next hot mobile app. Rather, his goal was to be an engineer at an automobile company. Younis ended up attending Kettering University, in Flint, Mich., which let students work at General Motors while completing their engineering education."

Articles and interviews on the business of software, design, programming, support and sysadmin.

This is a great post

Last Saturday, I read the 6,000-word New York Times piece, “Inside Amazon,” in the car on my way to the beach. I sat qui…

Hello again, lovely people! Last month, I wrote a blog post detailing our plans for Unity on Linux....

Yay for more Linux stuff

Hawking presented his ideas at a historic meeting of the minds in Stockholm.

Waiting for the physicists to comment

Good names are difficult to come up with. And if you've found one: have you considered what your potential name might mean in another language? What if it's something obscene?

This is useful

Structured-settlement annuitants are lured by quick cash to unload their future payouts for dimes on the dollar.

I was first going to dismiss this based on a click bait title. Then I read it and got sad

August 25, 2015

zstd - Zstandard - Fast and efficient compression algorithm

This library looks awesome

These photographs were taken at Microsoft shortly after they moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to the 8th floor of the Old National Bank building on Northeast 8th Street in Bellevue, Washington. Bob Wallace invited me to take photographs with the agreement of Bill Gates. I was allowed free access t…

The beginning of an era

Blog post by Jason Sachs titled Chebyshev Approximation and How It Can Help You Save Money, Win Friends, and Influence People

Yay for math

I love reading postmortems. They’re educational, but unlike most educational docs, they tell an entertaining story. I’ve spent a decent chunk of time …

Misconfiguration is definitely a huge problem

"managers could not tell the difference between employees who actually worked 80 hours a week and those who just pretended to."

backdooring your javascript using minifier bugs Leave a reply In addition to unforgettable life experiences and personal growth, one thing I got out of DEF CON 23 was a copy of POC||GTFO 0x08 from Travis Goodspeed. The coolest article I’ve read so far in it is “Deniable Backdoors Using Compiler Bugs…

America has become a weakling in the world of weightlifting, but 15-year-old C.J. Cummings, a prodigy from South Carolina, could help spark a renaissance.

Quickly - what lending product can charge 10x the average payday loan APR, yet makes up a 4x larger market? Give up? Bank overdraft fees.

Banks are quite predatory

An overview of my work on improving SIMD in Rust.

August 24, 2015

I found myself in somewhat of a unique position last week: I’d made the Ashley Madison data searchable for verified subscribers of Have I been pwned? (HIBP) and now – perhaps unsurprisingly in retrospect – I was being inundated with email. I mean hundreds of emails every day with people asking quest…

"Multiple services designed for anyone to search anyone else’s email address quickly appeared and naturally, were quickly abused"

I like this guy's approach. You can only search for yourself. Even in such a breach, privacy is important

Some torrent websites are banning Windows 10 users over fears that the operating system is sending identifying information back to Microsoft.


There is no science behind a formal, once-size-fits-all requirement of daily water consumption.

"It’s possible that there are children who need to be better hydrated. But at some point, we are at risk of calling an ordinary healthy condition a disease. When two-thirds of healthy children, year after year, are found to have a laboratory value that you are labeling “abnormal,” it may be the definition, and not their health, that is off."

The online retailer's retirement plan lags far behind its peers in Silicon Valley

The global markets turmoil intensified in Asia, Europe and the United States, fueled by China’s economic slowdown and doubts about emerging economies.

The more we study dolphins, the brighter they turn out to be, writes Anuschka de Rohan

"One day, when a gull flew into her pool, she grabbed it, waited for the trainers and then gave it to them. It was a large bird and so the trainers gave her lots of fish. This seemed to give Kelly a new idea. The next time she was fed, instead of eating the last fish, she took it to the bottom of the pool and hid it under the rock where she had been hiding the paper. When no trainers were present, she brought the fish to the surface and used it to lure the gulls, which she would catch to get even more fish. "

Today's size 8 is yesterday's size 16

August 23, 2015

When the 2015 Underhanded C Contest was first announced, I admit that I was more than a little confused. A non plus plus version of C++? How rich! It doesn't even have templates. What will they think of next? Still...

"error_label looks like a valid localization (provided that you don't know Chinese)."

The New York Times Cooking is the best recipe discovery site for browsing years of Times recipes, searching for your favorite ingredients, and watching how-to Cooking videos. NYT Cooking makes it easy to find both healthy and sophisticated recipes – to challenge your skills with recipes by Sam Sifto…

The NYC just released a site with over 17k recipes. It actually has a good UI. I'm all for it.

Whether you're not at home, can't have a pet, or just need your purr fix right this moment, this soundscape can help you relax and emulate the soothing experience of snuggling up with your furry friend

This is kind of soothing

August 22, 2015

Is the company’s culture one of a kind, or a sign of the workplace of the future?

The punchline at the end is sad

2 months ago I wrote about what I accomplished in an hour with Safari Content Blocker. What started off as a one page experiment has since evolved into a full product I've worked non-stop on over the past 60 days. I thought it would be a good idea to revisit my original post with Crystal, to show ho…

Death rates are rising even as Congress is caving to trucking industry pressure and loosening regulations.

"The trucking industry, through its chief trade group, the American Trucking Associations, insists that it needs longer work weeks and bigger vehicles so that more trucks will not be needed on the road, which it says could result in more accidents. That logic is laughable, but Congress seems to be buying it."

C++: Deleting destructors and virtual operator delete August 21, 2015 at 05:37 Tags C & C++ , Assembly , Compilation This post starts with a fairly obscure topic - how an overloaded operator delete behaves in light of polymorphism; amazingly, it then gets even more obscure - shedding light on the tr…

I wonder how C++ compiler writers don't go crazy

This text is aimed at you, young student or recent graduate, inspired by the world of international affairs and humanitarian work, thinking of seeking an internship with the United Nations in Genev...

August 21, 2015

In The Wall Street Journal, Chester E. Finn Jr. and Brandon L. Wright write that while everyone focuses on boosting the weakest students, America’s smartest children are no longer being pushed to do their best.

The Finnish government of Juha Sipila is considering a pilot project that would give everyone of working age a basic income.

This will definitely be interesting

Every now and then the orbital motion of a body doesn’t match our prediction. And that might lead to interesting discove…

Yes, says the woman who runs the bar exam

The questions were quite difficult

Stockfighter, Starfighter’s first programming game, is presently in private beta. We’re moving to dark launch (to clients and handpicked vict^H^H^H friends) next week. We’ll launch publicly immedia...

I didn't read all of this, but it's definitely really promising.

August 20, 2015

Amazon isn’t the only company burning out their employees with unsustainable expectations. Let’s break the cycle.

An in-depth article that explains how a relational database handles an SQL query and the basic components inside a database.

I just skimmed this. Seems better than most college courses

"Rethinking Forms in the Age of Tablets and Amazon S3"

By the guy who invented the spreadsheet

I am not kidding. Do you have 30 000 CHF to spare? Give it to me, so that I can lose it. It won’t even be well invested. We will just give it away by mistake. An easy mistake, some think. A “gentlemen’s” blunder. Unimportant and, really, not at all a big deal. But, of course, that's wrong - and expe…


“Shard. Or do not shard. There is no try.” - Yoda This is a technical dive into how we split our data across many MySQL servers. We finished launching this sharding approach in early 2012, and it’s still the system we use today to store our core data. Befo…

Interesting read. Though I don't agree with some bits, especially ...

"We only interact with the master in production. You never want to read/write to a slave in production. Slaves lag, which causes strange bugs. Once you’re sharded, there’s generally no advantage to interacting with a slave in production. "

August 19, 2015

Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors).

Time to actually make this?

Google has said data was wiped from disks at one of its data centres in Belgium - after it was struck by lightning four times.


Unicorns, start-ups like Uber and Airbnb valued at $1 billion or more, are hiring people from the likes of Google, especially in fields like mapping.

Pinning Startups to “Silicon Valley Time.”

If only you had asked for our feedback earlier.

Albert Mach wants to help you lead a Viking clan. He wants you to compete for honor and treasure and the control of islands. He wants you to tame the wild dragon. And he wants the masses of the Int…

UberEATS delivers the best dishes, from the best restaurants, in 10 minutes or less. View the menu, open your Uber app, and place your order.

Will they just kill other food delivery services?

THE most remarkable feature of the aftermath of the explosions in Tianjin, in northern China, has been the extraordinary contrast between the official reaction to...

The farm-by-farm fight between China and the United States to dominate the global food supply.

First they came for the corn ...

Python is an amazing language with a strong and friendly community of programmers. However, there is a lack of documentation on what to learn after getting the basics of Python down your throat. Through this book I aim to solve this problem. I would give you bits of information about some interestin…

A pretty useful book

Recently a preprint was posted to ECCC, with the pulse-quickening title "Explicit Two-Source Extractors and Resilient Functions". If the result is correct, then it really is -- shall I say it -- a ...

A study showing a fall in positive trial results after the roll-out of attracted much attention on social media.

"“Loose scientific methods are leading to a massive false positive bias in the literature,” he writes."

Meet OnHub, a new router from Google that’s built for all the ways you Wi-Fi.

no comments.

Even though I got tenure, for reasons that will soon be obvious, I wouldn’t wish an exact repeat of the last seven years of my life on even Reviewer Number 3.

A great read, not just on tenure

In a recent TechCrunch article I was quoted calling the one-time pad a "unicorn". Inevitably, I was roundly criticized. But what none of the commenters..

Welp, time to never use anything developed by this guy

August 18, 2015

What does it take to make Google work at scale? Malte Schwarzkopf Cambridge Systems at Scale – @CamSysAtScale CamSaS

On Apr 14 2015, the Virginia State Board of Elections immediately decertified use of the AVS WinVote touchscreen Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machine. This seems pretty minor, but it received a tremendous amount of pushback from some local election officials. In this post, I’ll explain h…


August 17, 2015

We can't journey to the centre of the Earth, but that hasn't stopped us finding out what is down there

Disclaimer: This post does not constitute an endorsement of any Microsoft service, technology or product by Stephen Hawking. The purpose of this post is to discuss Intel’s communication platform for individuals with disabilities and it’s technical details. Pictures are used purely for informational…

Amazon would not tolerate the “shockingly callous management practices” described in a New York Times article, Mr. Bezos said in an email to workers.

post-rfc - Blog post previews in need of peer review

On Haskell

Gosh, it seems that my employer’s at-work cul­ture is the talk of the In­ter­net. Don’t know if I should share on the top­ic, but I feel the urge and blog­gers with the urge got­ta blog.

Winning 1kb intro at Assembly 2015, BLCK4777 is a JavaScript explosion of light and triangles in 1023 bytes

The demoscene is always awesome

Some 30,000 African elephants die each year as a result of poaching. Journalist Bryan Christy wanted to see where their tusks were going, so he ordered fake tusks and fitted them with trackers.

August 16, 2015

Soaring housing costs, urban violence, shifting ethnic patterns and an increase in childless adults living together may be turning San Francisco, which the Chamber of Commerce likes to call ''everybody's favorite city,'' into a haven for the young, the old, the wealthy and the childless. That is the…

"''Ten years from now,'' he predicted, ''unless we adopt some sort of policy to insure income integration, we will crowd out all the middle-income people. I think San Francisco is going to become a very rich living area, a lot of single and retired people who have money, executives who work down in the financial district. It's going to be very difficult for a nonwealthy person to live here.''"

Quite telling that this is from 1981. 34 years ago. And the problems still hold

I thought JPS was the fastest pathfinding algorithm out there (at least for the cases relevant to games); looks like I was wrong.

Time to pick up more game AI books

Let's say you want to build an SSL server in C++. Transmitting data is going to be a major part of your application, so you need it to be fast and efficiently use system resources, especially processor cores.

tpwn - xnu local privilege escalation via cve-2015-???? & cve-2015-???? for 10.10.5, 0day at the time | poc||gtfo

Yet another Mac exploit

“SF: It's so hot we're dying Rest of country: Turn on AC and stop whining SF: We don't have that Rest of country: 😶”

Definitely happening here

August 15, 2015

In the movie Minority Report, Hollywood depicts a future Washington, D.C., in which people are arrested by a special police force called Precrime, based on predictions that they will commit murders in the future. These predictions are not based on science, but on near-infallible psychics. Precrime a…

The Olympics are bad for cities. So why do we keep asking new places to invest billions of dollars in state-of-the-art stadiums they’ll never use again?

A famous researcher slams popular ideas in a controversial new paper.

The company is conducting an experiment in how far it can push white-collar workers to get them to achieve its ever-expanding ambitions.

"One ex-employee’s fiancé became so concerned about her nonstop working night after night that he would drive to the Amazon campus at 10 p.m. and dial her cellphone until she agreed to come home. When they took a vacation to Florida, she spent every day at Starbucks using the wireless connection to get work done."

Long and really enlightening

Under the deal, production will increase to 35 episodes a year from the current 18, and a spinoff show and another new educational series for children will be created.

Stop Looking for a Cofounder Written by John Wheeler on Monday, August 10th 2015 You don’t need to find the right partner to work on your start-up with you. In fact, you might never need a partner or even any employees. You might think otherwise, especially when authorities like Paul Graham say so.…

Modest, immediate penalties can help get offenders to sobriety, writes Keith Humphreys.

August 14, 2015

The state’s scorching summer of 2015 is showing us that we know what to do when it comes to conserving water — we just have to do it.

It’s not the e-reader that will be driving future books sales, it’s the phone; How publishers are rethinking books for the small screen

Follow the Stripe blog for product announcements, feature updates, new countries, and technical posts about payments.

Recently we wrote about Jeep Cherokee hack incident. At Black Hat security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek finally explained, how exactly that hack was done

Online shopping for Free App of the Day Bundle from a great selection at Apps & Games Store.

A bunch of decent android games are free today in case anyone's interested

August 13, 2015

big-list-of-naughty-strings - The Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data.

What’s more important: straight As or taking risks?

A D.C. federal judge on Wednesday said the 2008 Department of Homeland Security rule that allows STEM graduates in F-1 status to obtain an additional 17 months of OPT time in the U.S. is deficient ...

This might end up sucking for people on OPTs

Dozens of police departments have begun using facial recognition technology to pursue conventional criminal suspects like drug dealers and prostitutes.

August 12, 2015

Many were more excited about battling malevolent artificial intelligence than about helping the poor.

"The common response I got to this was, "Yes, sure, but even if there's a very, very, very small likelihood of us decreasing AI risk, that still trumps global poverty, because infinitesimally increasing the odds that 10^52 people in the future exist saves way more lives than poverty reduction ever could.""

Was the speaker aware of how insensitive it sounds to argue for more AI research when we have people suffering in poverty this very instant?

Joy as mathematicians discover a new type of pentagon that can cover the plane leaving no gaps and with no overlaps. It becomes only the 15th type of pentagon known that can do this, and the first discovered in 30 years

"That same year an unlikely mathematical pioneer entered the fray: Marjorie Rice, a San Diego housewife in her 50s, who had read about [Alice]’ discovery in Scientific American. An amateur mathematician, Rice developed her own notation and method and over the next few years discovered another four types of pentagon that tile the plane. "

College students are increasingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don’t like. Here’s why that’s disastrous for education.

"For instance, last year administrators at Bergen Community College, in New Jersey, suspended Francis Schmidt, a professor, after he posted a picture of his daughter on his Google+ account. The photo showed her in a yoga pose, wearing a T-shirt that read I will take what is mine with fire & blood, a quote from the HBO show Game of Thrones. Schmidt had filed a grievance against the school about two months earlier after being passed over for a sabbatical. The quote was interpreted as a threat by a campus administrator, who received a notification after Schmidt posted the picture; it had been sent, automatically, to a whole group of contacts. According to Schmidt, a Bergen security official present at a subsequent meeting between administrators and Schmidt thought the word fire could refer to AK-47s."

In the early days of my startup, I used to get slightly offended when people would refer to it as a “project”.  “How’s your project going?” seemed like it didn’t take us seriously, even though...

Women, legally barred from driving in the country, make up 70-90 of the service's customer base.

Sensationalist title but has some good info

How a Kalman filter works, in pictures I have to tell you about the Kalman filter, because what it does is pretty damn amazing. Surprisingly few software engineers and scientists seem to know about it, and that makes me sad because it is such a general and powerful tool for combining information in…

If he won, he'd probably quit before his term was over, he said.

The tale of some Ukrainian hackers re-enchanted the financial world for me.

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

August 11, 2015

No comment

August 10, 2015

How many scientists does it take to write a research paper? Apparently, thousands, as journals see a spike in the number of contributors.

The company supports a new nonprofit, the Global Energy Balance Network, that promotes a “science-based” approach to weight control: Get more exercise and worry less about cutting calories.

The biggest factor for success isn’t hard work but how our lives started.

August 9, 2015

StorageReview uncovered performance problems with Nutanix clusters, and instead of owning and fixing the problem Nutanix tried to bury it. Bad idea.

Liu Cixin’s new book explores politics and strategy at the end of the world.

An undercover operation is going very, very wrong for local and federal authorities.

Why the search leader’s antitrust deal fell apart

Colin Hughes' programming website, Project Euler, provides a plan for how to learn anything in fun, discrete steps

Project Euler is awesome

By porting some of our microservices to Go, we reduced their resident memory footprint by as much as 100x.

Performance without the event loop This article is based on a presentation I gave earlier this year at OSCON. It has been edited for brevity and to address some of the points of feedback I received after the talk. A common refrain when talking about Go is it’s a language that works well on the serve…

Vancouver is awash in startups with several poised to go public, transforming British Columbia’s economy as they grow. But for Canada’s lifestyle capital to emerge as a world-class tech hub it needs to figure out how to persuade top executives to actually move there (because hey, Silicon Valley has…

Five Years of Being A Full-Time Indie Wow, it’s been a while. Figured passing another milestone is worth at least some sort of update. Looking back at my 1 year milestone has been amusing. My initial thought was that almost all the points brought up 4 years ago would no longer apply. A lot of the in…

August 8, 2015

Bogobogosort specifies how one should check if the list of numbers is sorted. It does it recursively, because as anyone who knows anything at all about computer science knows, recursion is always good and cool. To check if the list is sorted, use the following procedure:

This is awesome

A drug's legality doesn't necessarily decide its safety.

A collection of Unix/Linux/BSD commands and tasks which are useful for IT work or for advanced users, a compact and practical reference.

This is awesome. Bookmarking for future reference

August 7, 2015

A reincarnation of one of the oldest ideas in artificial intelligence could finally make it possible to truly converse with our computers. And Facebook has a chance to make it happen first.

Data from 485,000 people in China found that rates of ischemic heart disease, respiratory disease and cancer were all lower in hot-food eaters.

August 6, 2015

We’ve hand selected advertising agencies and adult films from around the world, and want you to pick which ones which.

This is surprisingly difficult

Continued public health surveillance of sleep quality, duration, behaviors, and disorders is needed to monitor sleep difficulties and their health impact.

They get something very important in return

A camera aboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite captured a unique view of the moon passing in front of the Earth last month.

Sanford C. Bernstein says the continued ad stuffing is an "obvious and unsustainable" attempt to prop up ad revenue as ratings decline.

August 5, 2015

Do Americans who are upset about Cecil even realize how terrifying animals can be?

05 Aug 2015 I Tried VR and It Was Just OK It's been about a year and a half since I wrote The Road to VR, and a … few … things have happened since then. Facebook bought Oculus for a skadillion dollars I have to continually read thinkpieces describing how the mere act of strapping a VR headset on you…

I built a doubly static site using React (inc react-router) and Webpack. You can see the current demo here on GitHub or continue reading the following post that explains the steps I took during this experiment. This post proves the basic concept and there will be a followup post covering the fine tu…

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the lack of diversity in the tech industry.

How one company is rethinking peer feedback and the annual review, and trying to design a system to fuel improvement

A few hours after hitting its all-time stock price high today, Netflix has announced a new program for all employees. In a blog post, Netflix outlined its..

This is the story of how I wrote a Twitter bot to automatically enter contests and ended up winning on average 4 contests per day, every day, for about 9 months straight. If you’ve ever used Twitter, you’ve probably seen a tweet that looks something like this: Maybe you’ve actually retweeted it, may…

The old vowels are 'oot': Canadians are changing how we speak, though none of us are noticing. Linguists might know why.

Amazingly, up until just a few months before release, the game didn't have an economy.

An Idaho law enacted to permit the state to jail anyone, who conducts undercover investigations and secretly records animal abuse, was rejected as unconstitutional by a federal judge. The decision marked the first time a federal court had struck down a state's

August 4, 2015

What the fuck is going on?

Let's incorporate #4 into our game nights.

Twitter's former Director of Engineering shares the plan he uses to transform engineers into successful and happy managers.

For decades, Americans have been increasingly distanced from the dead. A small group of women is working to change that.

Amazon quietly rolled out a series of changes to its "Amazon Household" program and the ability for Prime members to share their shipping benefits over the..

Uh oh. So much for cheaper Prime memberships

Duncan Campbell spent 30 years — and risked his freedom — uncovering the secrets of U.S. and British eavesdropping, including the existence of ECHELON, one of the biggest spy scandals of the Cold War. Now, thanks to Edward Snowden, he has proof of ECHELON's existence.

"The error was catastrophic. I watched as Johnstone slumped in the witness box. He then descended into “gloomy confusion,” according to a watching reporter. He condemned articles published in his own army unit’s magazine as illegal, and finally confessed, “To be frank, I am not certain what is a secret and what isn’t.”"

LLVM is a godsend of a research tool. Here are some detailed notes on what LLVM is, why you would want to use it for research, and how to get started as a compiler hacker.

A great intro to LLVM

Yay for math (the solutions are .gifs so keep watching)

Lose contact with the code, and you lose the connection to your team and the project. How then to make the time to manage and code? The cofounder of MongoDB explains his approach.

United States wages and benefits grew in the spring at the slowest pace in 33 years .

From “Odsbodikins” to “belly,” the banned words of our ancestors look as bizarre today as tribal rituals. But we are hardly beyond such taboos. We just observe different ones.

Recently I've been playing a lot of Splatoon, a new paint-'em-up game from Nintendo. The game features Inklings, children who use an assortment of paint guns and oversized rollers to cover the ground with paint, and who then turn into squids to swim through the paint in order to engage enemies. In B…

This is the expanded version of a talk I gave on September 9, 2014, at the HOW Interactive Design conference in Washington, DC.

I had this open for a while, finally got around to finishing it. It's an awesome talk and worth reading for everyone; it's not just about "web design" but an amazing talk on technology, the past, and the future.

Spot The Drowning Child: An interactive public service announcement. To the untrained eye, drowning can look just like swimming. The Instinctive Drowning Response is frequently missed, even by people closeby.

Collaborative research. The idea looks interesting.

August 3, 2015

Exploding Kittens is the work of game designers Elan Lee and Shane Small, along with artist Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal.

Hasnain [Eve], [Alice], [Bob]

Related columns: The Rise of AdBlock Reveals A Serious Problem in the Advertising Ecosystem By Frédéric Filloux Seeing a threat to their ecosystem, French publishers follow their German colleagues and prepare to sue startup Eyeo GmbH, the creator of anti-advertising software AdBlock Plus. But they…

There is a flaw in thousands of apps (including top apps like HBO) that will cause them to crash on the next Android release, Android M, which is expected in September. We've scanned the Google Play Store and identified which apps need to be fixed. If you develop Android or iOS apps, please register…

Yay for software

(I think I've done this too...)

The rich, diverse, free web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying. Why is nobody stopping it?

"I miss when people took time to be exposed to different opinions, and bothered to read more than a paragraph or 140 characters. I miss the days when I could write something on my own blog, publish on my own domain, without taking an equal time to promote it on numerous social networks; when nobody cared about likes and reshares.

That’s the web I remember before jail. That’s the web we have to save."

Something surprising happened when Haenggung-dong gave its streets over to pedestrians.

An interesting experiment

Something surprising happened when Haenggung-dong gave its streets over to pedestrians.

I can personally vouch for the improved livability of an area with better public transport and minimal car traffic, having lived on park island in hong kong. Also, Hasnain, I remember you sharing something related to city planning a few months back. This should make for a good follow up read

When Dan Price announced he was setting a minimum salary of $70,000 for his 120 employees, he didn’t foresee the turmoil it would cause for his business.

Create a social network or risk everything. That was the original pitch for Google's Facebook rival, Google+, a refrain hammered over and over by the social network's chief arch...

Streaming is bigger than ever. So why are artists doing so badly?

When police officers shoot people under questionable circumstances, William J. Lewinski often appears as an expert witness who says they had no choice but to fire.

"His conclusions are consistent: The officer acted appropriately, even when shooting an unarmed person. Even when shooting someone in the back. Even when witness testimony, forensic evidence or video footage contradicts the officer’s story."

The ending of this article makes me want to rage

Meetings are very popular but very ineffective instruments of managing work time and creativity; here's why.

This has a grain of truth but the author takes it to the extreme and ruins his argument

You know Jean Shepherd as author of the beloved A Christmas Story. But before that, he conspired to get a book that didn't exist onto The New York Times Best Seller List. Read how he pulled off the Hoax of the Century.

"The I, Libertine experience proved what Shep had claimed all along: the vast majority of people simply don’t think for themselves."


I just got back from a wonderful trip to Rare Book School to deliver a talk in their 2015 lecture series. It was the last week of their summer season in Charlottesville, the week when the Descripti...

“Oops. The Wall Street Journal was accidentally too honest about Uber in print & had to change it for online edition.”


Use getAwesomeness() to retrieve all amazing awesomeness from Github.

About a year ago, Michael Lopp joined Pinterest as the company's head of engineering — filling in the leadership of the engineering side next to co-founder..

In this timeless feature from the March 2010 issue of Game Developer Magazine, we revisit the mighty kludges and well-meaning hacks that are sometimes required to get our games out the door on time.

Old but gold

August 2, 2015

serve2d - A protocol detecting server, based off the serve2 library

This is a cool project

Many of you who are familiar with South African literature know that writer Ishtiyaq Shukri was detained and questioned for over nine hours at Heathrow Airport in London on the 14th of July 2015, a...

"Third World immigrants always carry proof of their legitimacy in the form of papers – papers that a white traveller from the geopolitical West would never think to carry: passport, of course. Visa, duh yes. But also: letters from institutions or friends from stating that they are inviting one to come visit, which include those friends’ national ID numbers (to show that they themselves are not illegals), their phone numbers, addresses, and utility bills (to show that they are actually residents at the given residence); letters from employers to show one is gainfully employed; also one’s birth certificate, printouts of bank statements to show that one is solvent and will not become a burden on one’s host country, and proof of health insurance, for the same reason as the former set of documents; then, if applicable, marriage certificates, maybe even deeds to property. That is the burden of the Third World traveller: envelopes of papers and their duplicates, carrying proof of legitimacy. So when you see some Dark Other holding up the immigration queue, shuffling through what seems like unnecessary papers, know that this is what’s happening. "

Guido van Rossum's EuroPython 2015 keynote was billed as part prepared remarks, part Q&A, but he changed all that when he stepped up on the stage. Instead, it would all be Q&A, but he did prime the pump with some questions (and answers) of his own before taking audience questions. Topics included Py…

Science fiction and fantasy offer a rich legacy of great books—but that abundant pile of reading material can also be daunting. So sometimes, it’s easier to fake it. We asked some of our favorite writers, and they told us the 10 books that everyone pretends to have read. And why you should actually…

Hasnain [Alice] - Here's a nice list.

  From VOX I was halfway through a job interview when I realized I was wrinkling my nose. I couldn't help myself. A full-time freelance position with a long commute, no benefits, and a quarter...

Lots of solid points here

August 1, 2015

Dahala Khagrabari was a part of India, surrounded by a Bangladeshi enclave, which was surrounded by an Indian enclave, which was surrounded by Bangladesh.