Reader's Corner for April 2016

April 30, 2016

Integer overflow detection/handling in Rust is sometimes misunderstood.

Woo Rust!

This is pretty interesting

April 29, 2016

According to Robert Jordan's widow, "The Wheel of Time will become a cutting edge TV series."

Can't wait

For more stories like this, like Slate on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. The Washington Post published a story so horrifying this weekend that it w ...

From last year, but still relevant

Video games pioneer Nolan Bushnell is planning to revive the ‘hardcore fundamental game design’ of arcades to make mobile titles worth playing

"Most games are missing fundamental game design"

So true

The decline that has taken place over the past decade has been happening in all regions and among all races and ethnicities.

The rate of economic output is not increasing much. Or is there work below the surface that will pay big dividends in the future?

An exclusive look at data from the controversial web site Sci-Hub reveals that the whole world, both poor and rich, is reading pirated research papers.

"For Elbakyan herself, the future is even more uncertain. Elsevier is not only charging her with copyright infringement but with illegal hacking under the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. “There is the possibility to be suddenly arrested for hacking,” Elbakyan admits. Others who ran afoul of this law have been extradited to the United States while traveling. And she is fully aware that another computer prodigy–turned-advocate, Aaron Swartz, was arrested on similar charges in 2011 after mass-downloading academic papers. Facing devastating financial penalties and jail time, Swartz hanged himself."

April 28, 2016

The company surprised its 2,000 full-time workers with shares in the company that could make some of them millionaires.

This is a super cool move #RiotTechBlog

Some cool frameworks here

Posted on April 25, 2016 by Glenn Fiedler Never Trust the Client A lot of people are complaining about cheating in “The Division” lately, especially on PC:…

Did they not have anyone on the team who knew security or even anyone who wrote an fps before?

Words from the Rust team

This is super exciting

April 27, 2016

(This is the talk I have given at App Builders Switzerland on April 25th, 2016. The slides are available on SpeakerDeck …

This is an amazing read full of wisdom

I like to think there are some solid foundations to my life. I will be able to do the Monday New York Times crossword and I will not be able to do the Thursday version. My dental hygienist will not...

Be aware of Swift's inability to efficiently parse and compile simple Dictionary/Array literals. The compilation time grows exponentially with each line.

Woo type inference complexities

The embattled automaker admitted Tuesday that it has used improper methods to test fuel efficiency for the past quarter century, the latest revelation in a cheating scandal that has rocked the company.

"The Japanese automaker admitted Tuesday that it had falsified fuel efficiency tests for the past quarter century, the latest revelation in a scandal that has rocked the company."

25 years?!

Note: I’m a software developer. I create bugs. I once switched a production SQL database to Simple recovery mode and Truncated an important table causing a ton of work for my colleagues. The content of this post is aimed as much at me and the company I work for as the companies listed here. I think…

Definitely a yes

Andrew Moore was a professor of computer science and robotics at Carnegie Mellon University for a dozen years when Google hired him away in 2006 to lead..

"I’m not making light of the issue. How to retain people who are worth tens of millions of dollars to other organizations is causing my few remaining hairs to fall out. But we’re also proud that because of their world-class stature, that they can do the entrepreneurial thing if they want."

April 26, 2016

After years of falling revenue, some newspapers have resorted to deception to boost their subscription numbers. These dishonest tactics are sometimes called “dark patterns” – user…

"In the short term, these dishonest tricks raise revenue for newspapers that use them. But in the longer term, they do even more damage, by giving the whole industry a reputation for bad business practices. Cable companies can get away with it because of government-granted monopolies; newspapers won’t be able to."

John D. Rockefeller was the greatest businessman to ever live. Here's how he did it.

This is a really interesting short bio.

"It was around this time that Rockefeller learned the power of interest. “The impression was gaining ground with me that it was a good thing to let the money be my servant and not make myself a slave to the money,” he said of this time. As a kid, Rockefeller was known for being particularly serious and rarely smiled."

I’ve been slightly obsessed about pricing since 2010. Before joining Fluxx, I was part of the team that changed the pric…

Hi, my name is Tautvydas and I’m a software developer at Unity working in the Windows team. I’d like...

This sounds really painful

April 25, 2016

Urban planners have a lot of infrastructure work to do to make cities safe and practical for autonomous vehicles.

April 23, 2016

“4yo: "dad, what are you writing?" me: "tests" 4yo: "why?" me: "to find and remove errors in my program" 4yo: "why did you put errors in it?"”

Ouch. Harsh

In July 2015 I suggested that the average web page weight would equal that of the Doom install image in about 7 months time. In about 7 months average web page size will be same as Doom install image. Well done us! Onwards & upwards! — ronan cremin (@xbs) July 30, 2015 Wel…

This is nuts

April 22, 2016

Is the British government’s response to a naming contest tyrannical? Or the very definition of the democratic process?

"Anticipating the government’s resistance to Boaty McBoatface back in March, the journalist Ross Clark observed, “Our leaders, of course, love democracy—until it comes up with an answer different to the one they were expecting.”"

Step aside, Martha Stewart: It's time to get your closet and piles of paper organized! Computer science can help.

Pretty good read on real world caching. Probably won't be able to get away with the pile of clothes though...

"In short, the mathematics of self-organizing lists suggests something radical: the big pile of papers on your desk, far from being a guilt-inducing fester of chaos, is actually one of the most well-designed and efficient structures available. What might appear to others to be an unorganized mess is, in fact, a self-organizing mess. Tossing things back on the top of the pile is the very best you can do, shy of knowing the future. You don’t need to organize that unsorted pile of paper.

You already have."

DomCode 2015, Nov 2015 (keynote)Coding Serbia, Oct 2015 (keynote)Euroscipy, Cambridge, Aug 2015 (keynote)PyGrunn, Groningen, May 2015Craft Conf, Budapest, Apr 2015QCon London, Mar 2015Code Mesh London, Nov 2014Build Stuff, Vilnius 2014Build Stuff, Vilnius, Nov 2014 (interview)Coding Serbia, Nov 2014…

An RFC for dying. Quite moving

VCs have pumped up the value of the “unicorn” startups. Now tech IPOs are in trouble. Good luck getting out.

Interesting financial read

I was talking to a former student when he brought up an article written by a well-seasoned programmer regretting his choice of career. This fellow had rejec...

Pretty good read on software roles

Today at the 2016 GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced the new NVIDIA Tesla P100, the most advanced accelerator ever built. Based on the new NVIDIA Pascal GP10…


Mike Ash reports that objc_msgSend takes 2.6 nanoseconds on his Mac and 2.7 nanoseconds on his iPhone. This shouldn’t come as much surprise — we’ve known since Mike’s first report in 2007 that objc_msgSend is fast. (Though this function isn’t the only measure of Objective-C’s speed relative to other…

The boom in pro video gaming is fueled by $2.3 billion in online bets

"It’s not surprising that skins gambling has avoided legal scrutiny. Obscured by several layers of abstraction, the wagering is tucked away in a subculture that most mainstream legal authorities don’t know exists. Gaming lawyers say Valve could be legally vulnerable; on the other hand, this is a rapidly changing area of the law with little established precedent."

Why weren’t more bankers charged after the financial crisis? Internal e-mails from one S.E.C. case suggest some answers.

"Kidney became disillusioned. Upon retiring, in 2014, he gave an impassioned going-away speech, in which he called the S.E.C. “an agency that polices the broken windows on the street level and rarely goes to the penthouse floors.”"

My name is Amilia St. John and I am the daughter of Alex St. John. Yes, that one. For those not following the horrific t…

This is an amazing rebuttal.

I'm not sure if people saw the original material the guy wrote. I saw his recruiting deck,laughed as I thought it was satire, and was horrified when I learnt it was his true opinions. And coming from the guy who wrote DirectX.

"Steve Webb," presumably, had an interesting day.

Bugs, bugs, bugs

April 21, 2016

This sounds promising

Another reason not to pipe from curl to bash. Detecting curl | bash serverside.

Neat hack

Where did the common image of the socially-awkward, white, male programmer come from?

A great read on the background of the stereotype of the typical white male programmer.

"Cannon and Perry came up with only one really striking characteristic that they attributed to programmers: Disinterest in people."

"The primary selection mechanism used by the industry selected for antisocial, mathematically inclined males, and therefore antisocial, mathematically inclined males were overrepresented in the programmer population; this in turn reinforced the popular perception that programmers ought to be male, antisocial and mathematically inclined, and so on."

Elene first lit up the path toward coding for her sisters Mari and Ani. We learn how the sisters have achieved so much at such a young age.

"There were more too. I’ve won 2 bronze medals at IOI, 1 bronze at CEOI, 2 silvers at IZhO. Mari, Ani and I competed in HackerRank Women’s Cup as a team last year, and we ranked third place! Some companies that sponsored the event even sent us a letter after the contest, but I had to tell them that we’re too young right now to work for them."

Really inspiring.

Country will bring forth laws to decriminalize and regulate recreational weed in spring of 2017, health minister announced at UN general assembly in New York

And they announce it on 4/20

The hardware tinkerers and prototype mavens out there will invariably have stumbled across the Arduino platform. Completely open source and always pushing the..

“The level of alarm is extremely high,” said the head of the World Health Organization on Thursday, describing the spread of Zika virus around the worl ...

Advocating for mass mosquitocide

A new paper explains how “concept creep” in the field of psychology has reshaped many aspects of modern society.

"One rant, reasonably mild, one time, by a teen against an adult in a position of authority. By this low standard, I’ve been “cyberbullied” over Twitter and email most days."

In West Africa, getting there is way more than half the battle.

"[Alice] Ori, a teenage neighbor of mine, recently described a flight he took a couple of years ago to compete in a swim tournament among several international schools of West Africa. He and his teammates flew one of the regional airlines from Dakar to Lagos, Nigeria. On the return trip the pilot announced the plane needed to make an unplanned stop — to refuel.

The plane descended onto the runway in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and the passengers shuffled into the airport. The crew proceeded to take up a collection. That’s right: They hit up the Dakar Jaguars middle school swim team for gas money. [Alice] wasn’t sure who finally ponied up, but the flight eventually returned safely to Dakar."

This sounds a little made up though.

If you are completely new to git, I suggest reading Git Cheat Sheet first. This article is aimed at somebody who has been using git for three months or more. Table of Contexts: Parameters for bette…

How brain disorder related to mad-cow disease spread to Norway is a mystery.

This is scary

April 20, 2016

Rain Design has been selling an aluminum laptop stand on Inc. for more than a decade. A best-seller in its category, the $43 product has a 5-star rating and 2,460 customer reviews.

This has gotta suck if you're a seller on amazon.

I nearly dropped ours on my foot the other day, didn't realize it was this dangerous

What does Donald Trump think of you and how would you fare under a Trump presidency? Better find out soon: #WhatsYourTrumpScore?

"Avoid unexpected deportation"

Wangle is a C++ library for building protocols, servers, and clients in an asynchronous, clean, composable, and scalable manner.

Wangle is pretty cool. I love the executors which make it easy to shuffle work around efficiently.

Source - Journalism Code, Context & Community

A background piece for the last link; on how they gathered data and ran an analysis using geo apis and uber's apis

Uber offers better service in white areas. Is that a problem?

Why is there a screen that says “It is now safe to turn off your computer”? ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ April 19, 2016By Raymond Chen - MSFT11 0 0 0 I don’t know whose idea it was, but Windows 95 added a screen that appeared when you shut down Windows. It’s now safe to turn offyour computer. This message was ad…

A polyglot's guide to multiple dispatch April 19, 2016 at 05:02 Tags C & C++ , Multiple dispatch This is the first article in a series dedicated to multiple dispatch - an advanced abstraction technique available to programmers out-of-the-box in some languages, and implementable in others. This first…

This is an awesome read on programming languages, dynamic/static typing and dispatching

Last week at Clarifai we formally announced our Not Safe for Work (NSFW) adult content recognition model. This week, one of our data scientists will walk you through a technical exploration of how he taught computers to see naked people. Warning & Disclaimer: This post contains visualizations of nud…

A pretty cool analysis on how to understand a neural network

Dave talks about the difficult choice we made to break up with Slack. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, and we suspect our paths will cross again someday.

Intel Corp. will eliminate 12,000 jobs, or 11 percent of its workforce, embarking on the deepest cutbacks in a decade to gird for a fifth year of declines in the personal-computer market.


April 19, 2016

How will the growing longevity gap between rich and poor affect American politics and social policies?

Interesting study. I hope the actual research didn't make the rookie mistake that the reporters did in the start though. A life expectancy of 30 means high infant mortality and not that most people die in their thirties.

"“To give you a sense of the magnitude’’ of the difference in life expectancy between rich and poor Americans, Chetty told NPR, “men in the bottom one per cent have life expectancy comparable to the average life expectancy in Pakistan or Sudan.’’'

The murky history of moderation, and how it’s shaping the future of free speech.

An absolutely essential read on content moderation and how large companies are effectively playing the role of the gate keeper here. Too many quotes, it's hard to cherry pick a single one. Really long but every word is worth it.

"While public debates rage about government censorship and free speech on college campuses, customer content management constitutes the quiet transnational transfer of free-speech decisions to the private, corporately managed corners of the internet where people weigh competing values in hidden and proprietary ways. Moderation, explains Microsoft researcher Kate Crawford, is "a profoundly human decision-making process about what constitutes appropriate speech in the public domain.""

## TL;DR Made a little over $700k selling a premium mobile game with no IAP or Ads as a one man shop. It _is_ possible to create sustainable...

A great post from the guy who made A Dark Room and other games on making money and the nitty gritty of writing indie games for a living

Ok, I lied, there's no weird trick. However, you can easily reduce a Go binary size by more than 6 times with some flags and common tools. Note: I don't actually believe a 30MB static binary is a problem in this day and age, and I would not trade (build

There’s a powerful reason poor people eat so differently from rich people.

So, according to this, the oil and gas lobby knew since the 50s that climate change would be a problem, and they actively worked to further their interests.

"In late 1946, as public concern and media scrutiny mounted, executives from the Western Oil and Gas Association met in Los Angeles to consider a response. They emerged with a plan—and a Committee. Comprised of executives from leading oil companies (including Union Oil, Standard Oil of California (both now part of Chevron), Esso (now ExxonMobil), and Shell), the newly-created Smoke and Fumes Committee would fund scientific research into smog and other air pollution issues and, significantly, use that research to inform and shape public opinion about environmental issues. The express goal of their collaboration was to use science and public skepticism to prevent environmental regulations they deemed hasty, costly, and unnecessary."

This is pretty scary.

Earlier this year, famous Berkeley astronomer Geoff Marcy was found to have sexually harassed his students over a period of a decade.

This is sad

OSX Mass Pwning using BetterCap and the Sparkle Updater Vulnerability. Yesterday Radek from VulnSec posted an interesting article named "There's a lot of vulnerable OS X applications out there.", he discovered that the Sparkle update system ( used by some very popular OSX apps such as VLC, Adium, iT…

A great post on deobfuscating and decompiling android apps

April 18, 2016

One of the best puzzle games in years is a total sausage fest. In a good way.

Looks like I need to try this now

DALLAS - Southwest Airlines announced a new premium upgrade available for all passengers starting May 2016. Arabic Select® allows Arabic-speaking and Muslim passengers to comfortably speak the Arabic language without having to worry about getting kicked off the plane. The Southwest

"“Our passenger safety is always the number one priority. That’s why Arabic Select® seating is in the back of the plane, farthest away from the cockpit. And don’t forget, a flight marshal is on every flight. And trust us, he’s going to be keeping a close eye on those Select seats, if you catch my drift,” Romo responded with an awkward wink."

Sometimes I think about all of those pictures which show a bunch of people in startups. They have their office space, which might be big, or it might be small, but they tend to have Macs. Lots of Macs. A lot of them also use git to do stuff, perhaps via GitHub, or via some other place entirely. Ther…

April 17, 2016

Khairuldeen Makhzoomi, a senior at the University of California, Berkeley, was taken off a flight after he called an uncle in Baghdad and a passenger overheard him.

Sigh -- now I have to worry about calling my grandma when boarding a flight, in case someone mistakes Urdu for Arabic

Experts say scorpion venom is more harmful than any drug— addicts start living in a constant state of delusion.

This is both interesting and scary

Verified sources claim it is an art direction map for Red Dead Redemption 2.

I'm hoping this is true

April 16, 2016

An activist who calls her group BARF is pushing for more housing, pitting cranky homeowners and the political establishment against newcomers who want the region to make room for them, too.

"“There’s that book, ‘What’s the Matter With Kansas?’” said Gabriel Metcalf, executive director of SPUR, an urban policy research organization. “What’s the matter with San Francisco? Why is it that in a city that’s two-thirds renters we have adopted a housing policy that is horrible for renters?”"

Love that they're called BARF

I was on a panel this evening about the future evolution of VR. At one point I made the argument that people who try to “make their film in VR” are getting it very wrong. In fact, I argued, VR is essentially the very opposite of cinema.

A gem from the HN comments: "For a long time, game developers struggled with how to tell a story while not locking the player into a track ride. A movie is a story. A good game today is a place you visit. VR track rides are somewhere in between."

[This is a guest post by Vitaly Shmatikov, professor at Cornell Tech and once upon a time my adviser at the University of Texas at Austin. — Arvind Narayanan.]

How a clunky Swedish computer game is teaching millions of children to master the digital world.

"Because Minecraft is now seven years old, Ian Bogost will soon have students at Georgia Tech who grew up playing the game. The prospect intrigues him. “I’m very curious to see what their attitude to technology is,” he says."

This morning we filed a new lawsuit in federal court against the United States government to stand up for what we believe are our customers’ constitutional and fundamental rights – rights that help protect privacy and promote free expression. This is not a decision we made lightly, and hence we want…

"This morning we filed a new lawsuit in federal court against the United States government to stand up for what we believe are our customers’ constitutional and fundamental rights – rights that help protect privacy and promote free expression. This is not a decision we made lightly, and hence we wanted to share information on this step and why we are taking it."

Woo! MSFT suing the us government

The 50-state model is holding the country back. It needs a new system, built around urban corridors.

Interesting read and point of view.

"America faces a two-part problem. It’s no secret that the country has fallen behind on infrastructure spending. But it’s not just a matter of how much is spent on catching up, but how and where it is spent. Advanced economies in Western Europe and Asia are reorienting themselves around robust urban clusters of advanced industry. Unfortunately, American policy making remains wedded to an antiquated political structure of 50 distinct states."

April 15, 2016

Over the last decade, interest has grown in an ostensibly unorthodox approach for helping people who don’t have much money: just give them more of it, ...

"But fundamentally, the question should be an empirical one: What are the impacts of a universal basic income? And how do they compare with other forms of assistance?

We’re planning to find out. To do so, we’re planning to provide at least 6,000 Kenyans with a basic income for 10 to 15 years. These recipients are some of the most vulnerable people in the world, living on the U.S. equivalent of less than a dollar. "

National inventory continues to decline by 3.2%, clamping down on March home sales. Read on for more housing market news.

The bubble might be bursting in SF

Former Presidents of Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Nigeria, Cape Verde, Switzerland & Poland; Former Prime Ministers of Greece, Hungary & The Netherlands Join With Distinguished Scholars, Celebrities, Clergy, Business Leaders, Elected Officials, and Others in Calling for Alternatives to Prohibiti…

"Governments devoted disproportionate resources to repression at the expense of efforts to better the human condition. Tens of millions of people, mostly poor and racial and ethnic minorities, were incarcerated, mostly for low-level and non-violent drug law violations, with little if any benefit to public security. Problematic drug use and HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other infectious diseases spread rapidly as prohibitionist laws, agencies and attitudes impeded harm reduction and other effective health policies."

not smart is not stupid There’s already a few other posts about the perils of complex software. Features are faults is one. The more we ask a program (or any system) to do, the more likely something will go wrong. This post is about various time saving features that backfire, when some feature promi…

On "smart" software

This is a pretty cool caption bot from Microsoft.

Unlike Any Kindle You've Ever Held Reimagined to be our thinnest and lightest Kindle ever New—Designed to feel as light as paper, Kindle Oasis is over 20% lighter and 30% thinner on average than any other Kindle. The handgrip tapers to an ultrathin 0.13" display so you can read comfortably...

At almost $300, this is pricey, but looks cool

Tinker with a real neural network right here in your browser.

Woo! neural networks in the browser

Tracks suggest he slipped through a small gap at the top of his tank, scampered across the floor, slid down a 164-foot-long drainpipe and reached the ocean.

Kobe Bryant's 30,699th and final field goal came from 19 feet with 31 seconds left against the Utah Jazz. During his 20 years with the Lakers, he fired up more than 30,000 shots, including the regular season and playoffs. Take a tour of key shots over his 20-year career, or explore the makes and mis…

In Episode 5 of The Atavist Magazine series, "The Mastermind," we learn how the U.S. government tracked the kingpin, Paul Le Roux.

"The Rio wiretaps were a revelation, a treasure trove of leads and evidence, a chance to finally hear from the man himself. Here was Le Roux, living with his girlfriend and another mistress abroad, urging Lilian Cheung Yuen Pui to stop buying real estate. As Jody recalled it, Le Roux warned her that property was too easy to seize if he was arrested. When his wife seemed to discount that possibility, he reminded her that “I’m not running a fucking [Alice]’s.” "

Engrossing story.

In meetings (or discussions) specifically, what's the range of talkativeness between the most quiet person and the most vocal?

These are some pretty good questions

Stealing soap is almost as good as stealing cash.

"If you want to buy soap at the Walgreens on Market Street in San Francisco, you’ll need to find a store employee to unlock the display case for you.

Fifty dollar earbuds and $100 bottles of Claritin simply sit on the shelves where customers can pick them up and go. But baby formula, shampoo, and soap are all protected by locked display cases. "

Google's regular disaster recovery exercises. A pretty good read, albeit a bit old.

A fuller accounting of the results of a massive government-funded experiment on fatty foods challenges the conventional advice about what is healthy, and what is not.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and President Sunny Balwani faces possible ban after Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said company failed to fix problems in blood testing with Edison machines, other areas.


Visual Studio Code releases 1.0.

“You can’t tell a 22-year-old to turn off their cellphone."

April 14, 2016

A man appears to have deleted his entire company with one mistaken piece of code. By accidentally telling his computer to delete everything in his servers, hosting provider Marco Marsala has seemingly removed all trace of his company and the websites that he looks after for his customers.

This is why you never rm -rf with some variables in a bash script (that could be undefined).

This page provides status information on the services that are part of the Google Cloud Platform. Check back here to view the current status of the services listed below. For additional information on these services, please visit

It's always an edge case interacting with another edge case

"We take all outages seriously, but we are particularly concerned with outages which affect multiple zones simultaneously because it is difficult for our customers to mitigate the effect of such outages. This incident report is both longer and more detailed than usual precisely because we consider the April 11th event so important, and we want you to understand why it happened and what we are doing about it. It is our hope that, by being transparent and providing considerable detail, we both help you to build more reliable services, and we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to offering you a reliable Google Cloud platform."

Translation: One of Google’s top research minds is headed for the company's arch-rival.

April 13, 2016

Oculus wants to let you go anywhere in the world instantly and even take a photo while you're there, and today it demoed how at F8. Facebook's CTO Mike..

In case you missed the demo live. This was mind blowing.

Connectivity Lab's two new terrestrial systems are focused on improving the speed, efficiency, and quality of internet connectivity around the world.

Woo! free and faster internet.

Techies is a portrait project focused on sharing stories of tech employees in Silicon Valley. We cover subjects who tend to be underrepresented in the greater tech narrative. This includes (but is not limited to) women, people of color, folks over 50, LGBT, working parents, disabled, etc. The projec…

These are some great, inspiring bios.

Fuzzing file systems in the linux kernel. I love slide 3, time to first bug.

In this notebook we'll compare the median annual income of software engineers to the average annual income (GDP per Capita) in 50 countries.

Interesting to see Pakistan so high here

The city is a virtual capital of inequality, but the gap in longevity between poor residents and richer New Yorkers is relatively small.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that income is closely correlated with life expectancy, with the richest Americans living as much as 15 years longer than the poorest — and even the poor living longer in wealthy areas.

"“The increase has been approximately three years at the high end, versus zero for the lowest incomes,” Cutler said. “This is important, because it has major implications for Social Security policy. People say, ‘Americans are living longer, so we ought to delay the age of retirement,’ but … it’s a little bit unfair to say to low-income people that they’re going to get Social Security and Medicare for fewer years because investment bankers are living longer.”"

Like many a woman before me, I ran smack into the confidence gap.

At Instagram, we deploy our backend code 30-50 times a day... whenever engineers commit changes to master... with no human involvement in most cases.

Cool stuff

Experts say a little-known California law that helped make Silicon Valley the high-tech capital.

"While experts disagree about the merits of noncompetes for high-tech workers, I wasn't able to find anyone who would defend imposing them on people who make sandwiches or pack boxes in a warehouse. It's hard to believe that Jimmy John's is really worried about its sandwich-making secrets leaking to a competitor. Instead, Orly Lobel argues, noncompete agreements simply give low-wage employers more negotiating power by making it harder for employees to switch to another company offering higher pay or better working conditions."

April 12, 2016

Facebook's annual global developer conference, will be held at Fort Mason, in San Francisco, this April 12 and 13, 2016. F8 features new products and a glimpse into the future of Facebook. Be sure to join the F8 online experience event for exclusive content and updates.

Woo Messenger platform!

The more doctors learn about the Zika virus, the more frightening it looks, and money's urgently needed to fight it, two top health experts said.

"But Congress has said it doesn't want to spend any new money on Zika until the federal government uses up excess funds from elsewhere. The administration says it's scraped up nearly $600 million as a stopgap." :(

And some people did. Unfortunately, despite the promise of open source, many users were unable to make such fixes themselves, and for a rather large number of operating systems the principle of standards compliance seems to be more aspirational than actual. Given the limits which would otherwise be…

The book starts with a story about a time Margaret Hamilton brought her young daughter with her to NASA, back in the days of the Apollo program. During a simulation mission, her daughter caused the mission to crash by pressing some keys that caused a prelaunch program to run during the simulated mis…

I need to read this book. Valuable lessons here.

"Google found that Chubby was consistently over its SLO, and that global Chubby outages would cause unusually bad outages at Google
Chubby was so reliable that teams were incorrectly assuming that it would never be down and failing to design systems that account for failures in Chubby
Solution: take Chubby down globally when it’s too far above its SLO for a quarter to “show” teams that Chubby can go down"

This page provides status information on the services that are part of the Google Cloud Platform. Check back here to view the current status of the services listed below. For additional information on these services, please visit

Out globally? Ouch

April 11, 2016

KARACHI (Staff Report) - A hand grenade exploded inside courtroom in Karachi

no comments

From US billionaires to City barons, the super-rich are buying political influence as never before. Our politicians now work for them, not for us

We are a new online science fiction magazine focused on ‘hard’ science fiction. All our stories are freely readable on this site, and we also provide a DRM-free subscription for .mobi and .epub formats through Patreon to read on your favorite e-reader. You can support us at any level you feel comfor…

Their first issue just came out. Some pretty great short stories in there

April 10, 2016

‘There is an enormous amount of pain and poverty in this rich land,’ argues American sociologist Desmond in this brilliant book about housing and the lives of eight families in Milwaukee

Researchers believe that bleaching, which they attribute to heat stress compounded by climate change, is threatening more than a third of the planet’s reefs.

This is a great lesson on why you should sometimes have an explicit null/unknown value instead of picking a default value that "will never be used"

“That poor woman has been harassed for years,” Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet told me by phone. Herzet said that his department’s job has become to protect the [Alice] house from other law enforcement agencies. “Our deputies have been told this is an ongoing issue and the people who live there are nice, non-suicidal people.”

In the end, this new type of computer will bring about data-centers-on-a-chip or high-density computing, whichever way we look.

Investment banks are trying to stop an exodus of junior bankers by adjusting their advancement models to better suit the expectations of the millennial generation.

"Some bankers are baffled by the attitude of their more junior colleagues. There is a pain point among midlevel bankers who “can sometimes get frustrated if the younger analyst isn’t as available as they want them to be,” says Mr. Waldron, Goldman’s investment banking co-head.

Nevertheless, he says, “just because other people worked 80 to 100 hours [each week] in their life history doesn’t mean these people should.”"

April 9, 2016

Exploding offers are bullshit 2016-03-16 I do a lot of recruiting and have given maybe 50 offers in my career. Although many companies do, I never put a deadline on any of them. Unfortunately, I’ve often ended up competing with other companies who do, and I feel really bad that this usually tricks y…

The Hill obtained a discussion draft of the long-awaited Senate measure.

After a speech about encryption and privacy, James Comey said he puts tape over his laptop's camera. Privacy activists seized on that as hypocritical, given the FBI's stance on "unhackable" devices.

Whenever I speak at a conference, I try to catch a few of the other presentations. I tend to stand in the back and liste…

"People pulling 16-hour days on a regular basis are exhausted. They’re just too tired to notice that their work has suffered because of it."

If the super-rich actually paid what they owe in taxes, the US would have loads more money available for public services

April 8, 2016

Benazir, Javed Pasha, Saifullahs, Hashwanis, Lakhanis, relatives of Shahbaz, Chaudhrys among owners; Putin, Saudi king, among 72 current, former heads of state also included; Amitabh, Aishwariya...

"Zulfiqar [Alice] of the Lakson group, CEO of three companies (Colgate Palmolive, Tetley Clover and Clover Pakistan) has been identified as a secret beneficial owner of a company registered in the British Virgin Islands, Lezayre Ltd since 2000. Proxy shareholders are Benson Equities Inc., Brock Nominees Limited and Tenby Nominees Limited. "

you got some splainin to do!!

April 7, 2016

New rules expected as early as this week by the U.S. Department of Labor could upend the way many financial advising firms do business — requiring changes that one Pittsburgh investment professional says could hit the industry with as much force as the Affordable Care Act did the health-care industr…

"" Why wouldn't an adviser have the client's best interest at heart? Why do we even need a rule to enforce it?”

“The industry has been doing business as usual for quite some time now,” he said. “Different firms will endure different pain points to adhere to the rule. Many firms will have to revamp their business practices to retrain all advisers to do what is in the best interest of clients.”

How rappers, Real Housewives, and lesser Kardashians get paid just for showing up at the club

"And yet the club-appearance gig is a giant knot in Disick's life that seems to only tangle and tighten like a noose. He began booking these appearances a few years back, presumably so he could gain some agency beyond the grip of Kris Jenner and have something to call his “job.” For a while, this was working out nicely for him. He was gaining enough notoriety thanks to Keeping Up with the Kardashians that his appearance fee rose to impressive numbers: He could pull $70,000 or $80,000 a night in the U.S. At one high point, he scored a $250,000 deal for a series of appearances in the UK."

More than 40% of Americans who borrowed from the government’s main student-loan program aren’t making payments or are behind on more than $200 billion owed, raising worries that millions of them may never repay.

"Carlo Salerno, an economist who studies higher education and has consulted for the private student-lending industry, noted that the government imposes virtually no credit checks on borrowers, requires no cosigners and doesn’t screen people for their preparedness for college-level course work. “On what planet does a financing vehicle with those kinds of terms and those kinds of performance metrics make sense,” he said.

Some borrowers aren’t repaying even when they can. Research from Navient shows that borrowers prioritize other bills—such as car loans, mortgages and heating bills—over student debt. A borrower who fails to pay down an auto loan might have her car repossessed; with student loans, there is no such threat."

An investigation in California illustrated the use of national security powers in a criminal matter.

"> During his initial appearance in a federal courthouse in Santa Ana, Calif., the prosecutors indicated a willingness to reduce or drop the child pornography charges if he would tell them about the C-17, said Sara Naheedy, Gartenlaub’s attorney at the time."

[ View in black-and-white ] I. The US has at least two different systems of what gets termed "socioeconomic class". They are everywhere conflated, and this is bad. Two of them I will term economic class and social class . Economic class refers to money. It refers to the wealth or poverty of a…

A long read on the definition of "class". Well written and quite worth reading.

" It is a common misconception that the primary obstacle to being in a much higher class is money to afford the things by which one performs that class. The limiting factor is not money, it is this: it is impossible to join a culture the ways of which you know nothing. You may come by money, but the ignorance of how to use it to perform that higher class will keep you out as adamantly as if there were a wall built around it."

April 6, 2016

The Codist - programming blog

"So at that point in 1994 I could have gone either into technical management or continued as a programmer. I chose programmer because it was easier. Today I now realize how wrong I was despite all the great stuff I’ve been able to work on and ship over the past 20 years. Going towards the CTO/CIO/VP Engineering route, which was fairly new back then, would have been a much better plan."

A surge in the number of people buying adult colouring books has threatened pencil stocks world-wide as manufacturers struggle to cope with an increased demand for quality crayons.   The world’s biggest wooden pencil manufacturer, Faber-Castell, say they are experiencing "double-digit gro…

When automation-software company executive David Nichols and his wife were preparing to start a family last year, he learned that the rent on his San Francisco office was set to jump 50 percent. So he picked up and moved to Portland, Oregon.

How Facebook's first blind engineer is helping other blind users "see" more of the social media network.

Matt King is awesome. I got to interact with him for a short while at an internal session and I was blown away when I heard his story and what he was working on

The daughter of a reporter loves pursuing real news, and scooped the local newspaper Saturday with her reporting on a tragic homicide.

"But her reporting did not impress some of the good people of Selinsgrove, and they let Hilde have it on Facebook Saturday night. “I think this is appalling that u would do a story like this when all the facts are not in yet,” wrote one commenter. Her parents were attacked too: “does no one realize that this is a 9 year old reporting this type of graphic information!” wrote a Facebook poster. “I mean, what parents are encouraging this type of behavior!”

Hilde was unfazed. Sunday morning, she gathered many of the comments she’d received online, summoned her older sister and her video camera, and read the comments aloud. Then she took on her critics directly: “If you want me to stop covering news, then you get off your computers and do something about the news. There, is that cute enough for you?” "

April 5, 2016

The entire Turkish citizenship database has...


This morning, at a small office in Mountain View, California, WhatsApp made the scope of the Apple-FBI encryption battle look kinda small.

This is really huge.

"But the app’s two founders, for all their success, have remained in the shadows. They almost never speak with the media. Koum, in particular, is largely uninterested in press or publicity or, for that matter, any human interaction he deems extraneous. “Clearly, you can’t believe everything you read in the press,” he tells me, a reporter. Although the company runs one of the world’s largest online services—and is owned by the world’s biggest social network—it continues to operate almost entirely on its own in an unmarked building in Mountain View that’s fronted by unusually diligent security. And because the app is far more popular overseas than in the US, the typically fervent Silicon Valley tech press has largely left them alone. As a result, the American public hasn’t quite grasped the enormous scope of the company’s encryption project or the motivations behind it."

The Panama bank secrecy leak claimed its first scalp after Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson resigned following revelations about his personal finances.

Just a day after he said he wouldn't and that he doubted people would show up to a protest. About 8% of the country showed up

My first airline was started out of frustration. As a young record executive, I travelled the world flying by other airlines, but found the experience dreadful. So in 1984 I chartered one second-hand Boeing 747 and offered flights between London and New York. People thought we were mad and bound to…

"Because I'm not American, the US Department of Transportation stipulated I take some of my shares in Virgin America as non-voting shares, reducing my influence over any takeover. So there was sadly nothing I could do to stop it."
- Sir Richard Branson, Virgin founder.

In 2011, Ahmed Salah was a leading Egyptian revolutionary who met with ambassadors and Secretaries of State. Now he is nearly homeless in San Francisco.

Really sad, really moving, and incredibly well written. Also shines a light on how western journalists go for the easier reporting avenues instead of ground truths, something I see about Pakistan as well.

"I understand why outsiders attributed the revolution to people like Ghonim. Facebook posts are more visible than secret meetings, and Egyptians who spoke English and appeared on CNN had smartphones."

The following is a short essay about my journey into the field of computer science – why I made the switch from a previous career path, my hopes, dreams, and heart-breaks, and where I hope to…


Quite moving.

April 4, 2016

That null pointer thingie.

Side Projects Back when we started USV in 2003/2004, we used to see a lot of side projects that had taken off and were turning into companies. We funded at least one such side project, Delicious, which ended up getting sold to Yahoo! a few years later. But I remember that we would see one or two of…

This is awesome

Corporate Media Gatekeepers Protect Western 1% From Panama Leak3 Apr, 2016  in Uncategorized by craig Whoever leaked the Mossack Fonseca papers appears motivated by a genuine desire to expose the system that enables the ultra wealthy to hide their massive stashes, often corruptly obtained and all in…

"Unfortunately the leaker has made the dreadful mistake of turning to the western corporate media to publicise the results. In consequence the first major story, published today by the Guardian, is all about Vladimir Putin and a cellist on the fiddle. As it happens I believe the story and have no doubt Putin is bent."

April 3, 2016

A huge leak of confidential documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca has revealed how the rich and powerful use tax havens to hide their wealth.

The Panama Papers are the largest data leak journalists have ever worked with. Find the best articles on the offshore leak on this page.


I first started managing people seven years ago, three years after I graduated and got my first design job. At the time,…

This is a great read

"Unfortunately at many places, you’re roadblocked in advancing your career unless you become a manager. This sadly incentivizes the wrong outcomes, in which people who don’t love dealing with people become bad managers, and both they and their team suffers. "

Associated Press editors announced a new stylebook change Saturday ahead of a session at the annual American Copy Editors Society’s conference — the 2016 stylebook will lowercase the words &#…

The timestamps on the files generally say 25 July 2000. The source is contained in a Zip file of size 213,748,207 bytes, named, which has been widely circulated on P2P networks. Some dummy files of similar size, containing just strings of zeroes, have also circulated.

Old but gold

Johnson & Johnson Has a Baby Powder Problem

This is despicable

April 2, 2016

Recently, I've been compiling some of the codebases I work on under Clang 3.8 instead of GCC 4.8, to take advantage of better compiler warnings and faster compilation speed (I've seen a 33% speedup, though I haven't tested this rigorously). Today, I got to grips ...

Several high-flying start-ups are missing out on the market discipline public companies receive by being accountable to the whims of shareholder.

The man who turned Oracle into a Linux power, Wim Coekaerts, has moved to Microsoft.

Younger people need more sleep than adults, and they face antiquated school schedules.

April 1, 2016

The anticipated collaboration between Mark Zuckerberg and H&M is here. #markforhm

The person who works at H&M is probably getting a bonus for making this go viral

Google's prank this year backfired — fast.

Looks like that backfired

the-super-tiny-compiler - Possibly the smallest compiler ever

A cool, small compiler tutorial


What could go wrong indeed.

Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout Latin America for almost a decade. He tells his story for the first time.

Definitely think his tattoos are creative "" and ""

Over the course of 4 months, 97,100 metric tons of methane quietly leaked out of a single well into California’s sky. Scientists and residents are still trying to figure out just how much damage was done.

Leftpad straight in the kernel as a syscall so no one can take it away

The Xamarin SDK is also being open sourced.

They do this AND they relicense Mono under the MIT license? Dayum