You've come to my (Hasnain Lakhani's) deserted corner of the internet

About me

Software Geek. Generalist.

I'm an avid geek and a technology and (computer) science enthusiast

Personally, I spend a lot of time reading (scifi and fantasy are my jam when it comes to books; otherwise I spend a lot of time reading general articles on the web), playing video games, and eating more food than is healthy.

Professionally, I have 8+ years of industry experience as a software engineer and engineering manager, with interests in distributed systems and software security. You can learn more about my work via my resume.


I have a lot of (somewhat half baked) projects.

Hasnain Reads

I built a small web-app which communicates with Facebook to pull content I post, and display it on a web interface. This is paired with a messenger chat-bot to make it easy for me to publish content and update my reading list.

Built with: Rust Rocket

halwa (Old)

I wrote a static site generator in Python which powered an older version of this site.

Built with: Python jinja2


I built an online turn-based multiplayer game engine in pure Rust (for both the client and server) and implemented a couple of games I like to play on it.

Built with: Rust actix-web yew


While at SRI, I worked on ENCODERS, adding access control support and observability.

hlisp (Old)

I wrote a lisp implementation in Haskell

Built with: Haskell

NewsMap (Old)

I wrote a client-side JS app back in 2012 which showed news sources from all across the world.

Built with: Javascript jVectorMap

Blocky (Old)

I wrote a C++ library for random linear network coding which was much faster than the implementation used in ENCODERS.

Built with: C++


More about my professional experience.

I'm not looking to switch jobs in the near term, but I'd love to know if you have exciting opportunities working on distributed systems or security, especially if it involves Rust. Please mention "cookies" if you reach out for an opportunity so I know it's not a mass reachout.
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